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Cloudopt is committed to helping global users stay away from phishing sites, virus Trojan site threats

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  1. A simple and modern Java and Kotlin vert.x web framework

    Kotlin 227 31

  2. Cloudopt AdBlocker is a browser extension based on AdguardBrowserExtension and Cloudopt's self-developed cloud reputation assessment technology to protect your security, prevent traces, malicious d…

    JavaScript 39 7

  3. Example of cloudopt-next

    HTML 18 4

  4. Cloudopt next's Chinese and English documents.

    JavaScript 3 1

  5. cloudopt-next docker base image.

    Dockerfile 2

  6. Cloudopt-logger is an extensible and configurable logging framework extension based on Kotlin, supporting Java, Kotlin and Android.

    Kotlin 35 4


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