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Pipeline for building customized Jenkins images on OpenShift
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Jenkins on OpenShift

This repo contains resources used to build a pipeline for building new Jenkins container image for OpenShift.

Building a new image - step by step

  • Create a new project

    oc new-project jenkins-builder
  • For OKD/Minishift import jenkins-persistent template - for some reasons it's missing in newer version (skip it if your cluster already has it)

    oc apply -f -n openshift
  • Start a new Jenkins instance

    oc process -n openshift jenkins-persistent -p MEMORY_LIMIT=1024M|oc apply -f- -n jenkins-builder
    oc set env dc/jenkins \
  • Assign an admin role to jenkins

    oc adm policy add-cluster-role-to-user admin -z jenkins
  • Create a pipeline

    oc process -f jenkins-pipeline-template.yaml|oc apply -f- -n jenkins-builder
  • Run the pipeline job

    oc start-build build-image-jenkins-master

    Log in to Jenkins and check the build progress. Approve its promotion to openshift project to make it available to other users on your cluster.

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