Erlang on Xen
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Wikipedia: -ling, an English diminutive suffix

Erlang on Xen

Quick Start

The easy way is to use pre-built railing utility:

  1. Grab a binary named railing-<version> from releases.

  2. Rename the binary to railing and move it to your Erlang project directory.

  3. Create the image and the domain configuration file:

     ./railing image
  4. Boot the Xen domain and get the familiar Erlang shell:

     xl create -c domain_config

How to build/hack LING?


Using railing

Run railing without options to get help.

To generate the image and the domain configuration file use the image subcommand:

./railing image

This instructs railing to scan all subdirectories for *.beam files. All files found are embedded into the Xen image and become accessible during runtime. Certain subdirectories can be excluded from the search using -x option.