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Ansible playbook to install, upgrade, and uninstall Halo agent onto debian and rpm based OSes.

Install instructions on MAC OS X

  1. Install Ansible brew install ansible (If you don't have brew preinstalled, then follow to install ansible)

Playbook configurations

  1. Inside the halo directory, there are 2 things you need to configure:

    • list of server's ip addresses and their corresponding login usernames
    • Halo agent key
  2. To add the list of connecting ip addresses and their login usernames, open the file named hosts

    Sample file content

        [all] ansible_user=ubuntu ansible_user=ec2-user
  3. Open the file all located in group_vars/all and paste in your Halo agent key.

    Sample File content

        agent_key: abcabcabcabc12345

Program Usage (Commands) install, upgrade, uninstall, start, stop, restart

  1. Run the following command to install Halo. ansible-playbook -i hosts halo.yml --private-key=<ssh_key_path> --sudo -t install

  2. Run the following command to upgrade Halo. ansible-playbook -i hosts halo.yml --private-key=<ssh_key_path> --sudo -t upgrade

  3. Run the following command to uninstall Halo. ansible-playbook -i hosts halo.yml --private-key=<ssh_key_path> --sudo -t uninstall

  4. Run the following command to start Halo. ansible-playbook -i hosts halo.yml --private-key=<ssh_key_path> --sudo -t start

  5. Run the following command to stop Halo. ansible-playbook -i hosts halo.yml --private-key=<ssh_key_path> --sudo -t stop

  6. Run the following command to restart Halo. ansible-playbook -i hosts halo.yml --private-key=<ssh_key_path> --sudo -t restart