Use Git for storing Halo policy revisions
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The script is to backup policies from each module in Halo. It is strongly recommended that you backup your policy before/after making any changes.


1. Download/Clone this repository to your local machine

2. Edit config.conf

3. Create directory for each module and name the directories "fim", "csm", "firewall", and "lids"

4. Run python

Requirements and Dependencies

To get started, you must have the following privileges and software resources:

  • An active CloudPassage Halo subscription. If you don't have one, Register for CloudPassage to receive your credentials and further instructions by email.
  • Access to your CloudPassage API key. Create a new key, with write privileges, specifically for use with this script.
  • Python 2.6 or later.
  • If you don't have gitpython installed, please install it via your terminal. pip install gitpython