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Cloudpipe relies on an external service to perform authentication and user management. It expects to find an HTTPS service running at the endpoint specified by the PIPE_AUTHSERVICE endpoint that implements the token validation call described here. Cloudpipe will use its configured TLS key and expect the endpoint to be protected by a certificate that's validated by its configured CA certificate.

GET /style

Report a string that describes the implementation of the authentication backend. This string will be passed as-is to API consumers at /v1/auth_service to provide a clue about other capabilities present at this endpoint.


A text/plain document containing the string that will be provided as the service's "style" attribute.

GET /validate?accountName={name}&apiKey={key}

Validate an API key for a specific account.


  • 204: Success. The username and token are valid.
  • 404: Failure. The username does not exist or the token is invalid.
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