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🚀 Node.js client binding for cloudpipe
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Getting Started: Basic Usage

WARNING: The Node.js API for CloudPipe and its implementation are in alpha.

var cloudpipe = require('cloudpipe');

// Initialize cloudpipe
var pipe = cloudpipe.init({
  url: '',
  username: 'admin',
  apiKey: '12345'

// Define the function you want to run in ze cloud
var add = function(x, y, callback) {
  callback(null, x + y);

// Cloudpipe your function
var cloudAdd = pipe.createFunction(add);

// Call your cloudpipe'd function
cloudAdd(2, 4, function(err, result) {
  // err == null
  // result == 6


  • No globals (free variables)
  • No dependencies (yet!)


  • Process job creation request results
  • Logging


See the Usage section in the cloudpipe/runner-node repo.

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