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helm/atlantis Add `repo-config` command line argument (#12) Oct 16, 2018 Add `repo-config` command line argument (#12) Oct 16, 2018
scripts Add new --allow-repo-config flag. Jun 30, 2018
server Add detection of submodule changes (#19) Oct 25, 2018
testdrive Get atlantis testdrive to run on Windows (runatlantis#298) Oct 1, 2018
testing Use golang 1.11 Sep 7, 2018
vendor Update vendor. Jul 20, 2018
.codecov.yml Disable code coverage GitHub statuses. Jun 4, 2018
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Gopkg.toml Vendor docker Jun 20, 2018
LICENSE Add Apache 2 license and copyright. Mar 16, 2018
Makefile Add `git clone --recurse-submodules` (#11) Oct 16, 2018 New landing page Aug 16, 2018 Adding docker image and release scripts (runatlantis#123) Aug 16, 2017
main.go `gh-team-whitelist` test (#9) Oct 15, 2018
package.json New landing page Aug 16, 2018
yarn.lock New landing page Aug 16, 2018


Atlantis Logo

Terraform For Teams


What is Atlantis?

A self-hosted golang application that listens for Terraform pull request events via webhooks.

What does it do?

Runs terraform plan and apply remotely and comments back on the pull request with the output.

Why should you use it?

  • Make Terraform changes visible to your whole team.
  • Enable non-operations engineers to collaborate on Terraform.
  • Standardize your Terraform workflows.

Paid Support

Interested in a paid support plan with direct access to the Atlantis maintainer? Email


Need help installing and adopting Atlantis at scale? Require some features not on our roadmap? Email


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