Terraform module to easily provision CloudFront CDN backed by an S3 origin
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Terraform module to provision an AWS CloudFront CDN with an S3 origin.

This project is part of our comprehensive "SweetOps" approach towards DevOps.

Terraform Open Source Modules

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module "cdn" {
  source           = "git::https://github.com/cloudposse/terraform-aws-cloudfront-s3-cdn.git?ref=master"
  namespace        = "eg"
  stage            = "prod"
  name             = "app"
  aliases          = ["assets.cloudposse.com"]
  parent_zone_name = "cloudposse.com"

Full working example can be found in example folder.

Generating ACM Certificate

Use the AWS cli to request new ACM certifiates (requires email validation)

aws acm request-certificate --domain-name example.com --subject-alternative-names a.example.com b.example.com *.c.example.com


Although AWS Certificate Manager is supported in many AWS regions, to use an SSL certificate with CloudFront, it should be requested only in US East (N. Virginia) region.


If you want to require HTTPS between viewers and CloudFront, you must change the AWS region to US East (N. Virginia) in the AWS Certificate Manager console before you request or import a certificate.


To use an ACM Certificate with Amazon CloudFront, you must request or import the certificate in the US East (N. Virginia) region. ACM Certificates in this region that are associated with a CloudFront distribution are distributed to all the geographic locations configured for that distribution.

This is a fundamental requirement of CloudFront, and you will need to request the certificate in us-east-1 region.

If there are warnings around the outputs when destroying using this module. Then you can use this method for supressing the superfluous errors. TF_WARN_OUTPUT_ERRORS=1 terraform destroy

Makefile Targets

Available targets:

  help                                Help screen
  help/all                            Display help for all targets
  help/short                          This help short screen
  lint                                Lint terraform code


Name Description Type Default Required
acm_certificate_arn Existing ACM Certificate ARN string `` no
aliases List of FQDN's - Used to set the Alternate Domain Names (CNAMEs) setting on Cloudfront list <list> no
allowed_methods List of allowed methods (e.g. GET, PUT, POST, DELETE, HEAD) for AWS CloudFront list <list> no
attributes Additional attributes (e.g. 1) list <list> no
bucket_domain_format Format of bucket domain name string %s.s3.amazonaws.com no
cached_methods List of cached methods (e.g. GET, PUT, POST, DELETE, HEAD) list <list> no
comment Comment for the origin access identity string Managed by Terraform no
compress Compress content for web requests that include Accept-Encoding: gzip in the request header string false no
cors_allowed_headers List of allowed headers for S3 bucket list <list> no
cors_allowed_methods List of allowed methods (e.g. GET, PUT, POST, DELETE, HEAD) for S3 bucket list <list> no
cors_allowed_origins List of allowed origins (e.g. example.com, test.com) for S3 bucket list <list> no
cors_expose_headers List of expose header in the response for S3 bucket list <list> no
cors_max_age_seconds Time in seconds that browser can cache the response for S3 bucket string 3600 no
custom_error_response List of one or more custom error response element maps list <list> no
default_root_object Object that CloudFront return when requests the root URL string index.html no
default_ttl Default amount of time (in seconds) that an object is in a CloudFront cache string 60 no
delimiter Delimiter to be used between namespace, stage, name and attributes string - no
enabled Select Enabled if you want CloudFront to begin processing requests as soon as the distribution is created, or select Disabled if you do not want CloudFront to begin processing requests after the distribution is created. string true no
forward_cookies Time in seconds that browser can cache the response for S3 bucket string none no
forward_header_values A list of whitelisted header values to forward to the origin list <list> no
forward_query_string Forward query strings to the origin that is associated with this cache behavior string false no
geo_restriction_locations List of country codes for which CloudFront either to distribute content (whitelist) or not distribute your content (blacklist) list <list> no
geo_restriction_type Method that use to restrict distribution of your content by country: none, whitelist, or blacklist string none no
is_ipv6_enabled State of CloudFront IPv6 string true no
log_expiration_days Number of days after which to expunge the objects string 90 no
log_glacier_transition_days Number of days after which to move the data to the glacier storage tier string 60 no
log_include_cookies Include cookies in access logs string false no
log_prefix Path of logs in S3 bucket string `` no
log_standard_transition_days Number of days to persist in the standard storage tier before moving to the glacier tier string 30 no
max_ttl Maximum amount of time (in seconds) that an object is in a CloudFront cache string 31536000 no
min_ttl Minimum amount of time that you want objects to stay in CloudFront caches string 0 no
minimum_protocol_version Cloudfront TLS minimum protocol version string TLSv1 no
name Name (e.g. bastion or app) string - yes
namespace Namespace (e.g. eg or cp) string - yes
null an empty string string `` no
origin_bucket Name of S3 bucket string `` no
origin_force_destroy Delete all objects from the bucket so that the bucket can be destroyed without error (e.g. true or false) string false no
origin_path An optional element that causes CloudFront to request your content from a directory in your Amazon S3 bucket or your custom origin. It must begin with a /. Do not add a / at the end of the path. string `` no
parent_zone_id ID of the hosted zone to contain this record (or specify parent_zone_name) string `` no
parent_zone_name Name of the hosted zone to contain this record (or specify parent_zone_id) string `` no
price_class Price class for this distribution: PriceClass_All, PriceClass_200, PriceClass_100 string PriceClass_100 no
stage Stage (e.g. prod, dev, staging) string - yes
static_s3_bucket aws-cli is a bucket owned by amazon that will perminantly exist. It allows for the data source to be called during the destruction process without failing. It doesn't get used for anything else, this is a safe workaround for handling the fact that if a data source like the one aws_s3_bucket.selected gets an error, you can't continue the terraform process which also includes the 'destroy' command, where is doesn't even need this data source! Don't change this bucket name, it's a variable so that we can provide this description. And this works around a problem that is an edge case. string aws-cli no
tags Additional tags (e.g. map(BusinessUnit,XYZ) map <map> no
use_regional_s3_endpoint When set to 'true' the s3 origin_bucket will use the regional endpoint address instead of the global endpoint address string false no
viewer_protocol_policy allow-all, redirect-to-https string redirect-to-https no


Name Description
cf_arn ARN of AWS CloudFront distribution
cf_domain_name Domain name corresponding to the distribution
cf_etag Current version of the distribution's information
cf_hosted_zone_id CloudFront Route 53 zone ID
cf_id ID of AWS CloudFront distribution
cf_status Current status of the distribution
s3_bucket Name of S3 bucket
s3_bucket_domain_name Domain of S3 bucket

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