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Terraform module to provision an AWS CloudTrail and an encrypted S3 bucket with versioning to store CloudTrail logs
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Terraform module to provision an AWS CloudTrail.

The module accepts an encrypted S3 bucket with versioning to store CloudTrail logs.

The bucket could be from the same AWS account or from a different account.

This is useful if an organization uses a number of separate AWS accounts to isolate the Audit environment from other environments (production, staging, development).

In this case, you create CloudTrail in the production environment (production AWS account), while the S3 bucket to store the CloudTrail logs is created in the Audit AWS account, restricting access to the logs only to the users/groups from the Audit account.

This project is part of our comprehensive "SweetOps" approach towards DevOps.

Terraform Open Source Modules

It's 100% Open Source and licensed under the APACHE2.

We literally have hundreds of terraform modules that are Open Source and well-maintained. Check them out!


IMPORTANT: The master branch is used in source just as an example. In your code, do not pin to master because there may be breaking changes between releases. Instead pin to the release tag (e.g. ?ref=tags/x.y.z) of one of our latest releases.

module "cloudtrail" {
  source                        = "git::"
  namespace                     = "eg"
  stage                         = "dev"
  name                          = "cluster"
  enable_log_file_validation    = true
  include_global_service_events = true
  is_multi_region_trail         = false
  enable_logging                = true
  s3_bucket_name                = "my-cloudtrail-logs-bucket"

NOTE: To create an S3 bucket for CloudTrail logs, use terraform-aws-cloudtrail-s3-bucket module. It creates an S3 bucket and an IAM policy to allow CloudTrail logs.

module "cloudtrail" {
  source                        = "git::"
  namespace                     = "eg"
  stage                         = "dev"
  name                          = "cluster"
  enable_log_file_validation    = true
  include_global_service_events = true
  is_multi_region_trail         = false
  enable_logging                = true
  s3_bucket_name                = module.cloudtrail_s3_bucket.bucket_id

module "cloudtrail_s3_bucket" {
  source    = "git::"
  namespace = "eg"
  stage     = "dev"
  name      = "cluster"
  region    = "us-east-1"

For a complete example, see examples/complete.

Makefile Targets

Available targets:

  help                                Help screen
  help/all                            Display help for all targets
  help/short                          This help short screen
  lint                                Lint terraform code


Name Description Type Default Required
attributes Additional attributes (e.g. 1) list(string) <list> no
cloud_watch_logs_group_arn Specifies a log group name using an Amazon Resource Name (ARN), that represents the log group to which CloudTrail logs will be delivered string `` no
cloud_watch_logs_role_arn Specifies the role for the CloudWatch Logs endpoint to assume to write to a user’s log group string `` no
delimiter Delimiter to be used between namespace, environment, stage, name and attributes string - no
enable_log_file_validation Specifies whether log file integrity validation is enabled. Creates signed digest for validated contents of logs bool true no
enable_logging Enable logging for the trail bool true no
enabled Set to false to prevent the module from creating any resources bool true no
environment Environment, e.g. 'prod', 'staging', 'dev', 'pre-prod', 'UAT' string `` no
event_selector Specifies an event selector for enabling data event logging. See: for details on this variable object <list> no
include_global_service_events Specifies whether the trail is publishing events from global services such as IAM to the log files bool false no
is_multi_region_trail Specifies whether the trail is created in the current region or in all regions bool false no
is_organization_trail The trail is an AWS Organizations trail bool false no
kms_key_arn Specifies the KMS key ARN to use to encrypt the logs delivered by CloudTrail string `` no
name Solution name, e.g. 'app' or 'jenkins' string `` no
namespace Namespace, which could be your organization name or abbreviation, e.g. 'eg' or 'cp' string `` no
s3_bucket_name S3 bucket name for CloudTrail logs string - yes
stage Stage, e.g. 'prod', 'staging', 'dev', OR 'source', 'build', 'test', 'deploy', 'release' string `` no
tags Additional tags (e.g. map('BusinessUnit','XYZ') map(string) <map> no


Name Description
cloudtrail_arn The Amazon Resource Name of the trail
cloudtrail_home_region The region in which the trail was created
cloudtrail_id The name of the trail

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