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My website of utilities, including image hosting, URL shortening, and a pastebin.


  • Add YouTube playlists
  • Update database schema
  • Fix API request ranges. Or remove them entirely. They're probably not necessary until quite a long time in the future.
  • Consider changing to


Got a bone to pick? Found a bug? Please, start a pull request or open an issue. I won't hurt you.

If you'd rather not share your thoughts with the entire world, you can talk to me privately using any of the details from the contact page.

File organisation

Directory Purpose
api API modules
content User-submitted content
db Database files
html Files to give direct access to. URL aliases and templates are set in index.js
html/images Pages for the images portion of the site (not images required on all pages)
html/fonts Fonts and images required on all pages
templates Templates to apply to HTML files
util Server utilities needed in more than one file

Running your own instance

I use Visual Studio Code to create this site, but of course you may use whatever text editor you like.

  • Clone the repo
  • npm install
  • Create db/main.db according to the schema in db/main-schema.sql. db/old.db, an old version of the database, is also available, but note that modifications would be needed to use it with the current code.
  • Create auth.json with the content {"yt_api_key": "blah"} replacing blah with an actual YouTube API key.
  • If you want to use HTTPS, first obtain a Let's Encrypt certificate, then change hostnames in index.js. If you don't want to use HTTPS or just want to run the site behind a LAN, you don't have to change the hostname.
  • Again, for HTTPS only, set your server's IP address at the bottom of index.js.
  • Set the ports to use at the top of index.js.
  • Change the contact details and crypto address in html/about/contact.html. Or don't, if you want people to send money to me instead of to you. Haha, who am I kidding. Nobody will ever send me money.