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LXD Backup script

This small Bash script will backup your LXC container with help of the Rclone Cloud backuptool.

What does it do:

  • This scripts creates a backup image from a snaphot from your LXC container that is managed with LXD.
  • The script will upload your image to a cloudstore with Rclone.
  • Online backup of your LXC container
  • Creates an easy and ready to use LXC image to import with the LXC import command.

What it does not cover:

  • Create a constant database backup, this does not work with backups.
  • Handle your data retention

Installation instructions

You can run the script from the commandline, or place it in your cron.


Install it by cloning this repostory on your LXC host:

git clone 

Then copy the lxdbackup to your $path:

cd lxdbackup && cp lxdbackup /usr/bin/

Don't forget to make it executable:

chmod +x /usr/bin/lxbackup

Then test it with:

lxdbackup container-name

How do I set it automatically?

Use a cronjob like this to backup your container every day of the week on 01:10:

10 1 * * * flock -n /tmp/lxdbackup.lock lxdbackup container-name

How do I restore a container?

Download your container image from your cloudstorage and import it with LXC or even import it directly if your cloudstorage provides a HTTP(S) download for your image.

lxc image import <file> --alias <name>

Import from HTTPS directly:

lxc image import --alias restored-image


A script to backup lxc containers managed with LXD.



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