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Go Reference Tests

If you want to manage your server resources with Go, you are at the right place.

There's a possibility to specify the CLOUDSCALE_API_URL environment variable to change the default url of, but you can almost certainly use the default.

Download from Github

GO111MODULE=on go get


The test directory contains integration tests, aside from the unit tests in the root directory. While the unit tests suite runs very quickly because they don't make any network calls, this can take some time to run.


This folder contains tests for every type of operation in the API and runs tests against it.

Since the tests are run against live data, there is a higher chance of false positives and test failures due to network issues, data changes, etc.

Run the tests using:


If you want to give params to go test, you can use something like this:

TESTARGS='-run FloatingIP' make integration

Some test default to "rma1" for testing. To override this, you can set the following variable

INTEGRATION_TEST_ZONE="lpg1"  make integration


To create a new release, please do the following:

  • Merge all feature branches into a release branch
  • Checkout the release branch
  • Run make NEW_VERSION=v1.x.x bump-version
  • Commit the changes
  • Merge the release branch into master
  • Create a new release on GitHub.