a re-useable implementation of the metaweblog api for asp.net core
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cloudscribe.Metaweblog is a re-useable implementation of the Metaweblog API for ASP.NET Core

It was implemented for use in cloudscribe SimpleContent, but could be used by anyone who would like to add Metaweblog API support to their web application.

What the heck is Metaweblog API

MetaWeblog API is something you can use to create, edit, and publish content using desktop tools such as Open Live Writer. I specifically created this project in order to be able to use Open Live Writer with cloudscribe.SimpleContent, but I abstracted things so that others could use it too. Just implement and plugin your own implementation of IMetaWeblogService.

Note that this is not a generalized solution for XmlRpc, it is specifically an implementation of the MetaWeblog API

You can get it from nuget by adding this in your project.json dependencies

"cloudscribe.MetaWeblog": "1.0.0-*"

If you have questions or just want to be social, say hello in our gitter chat room. I try to monitor that room on a regular basis while I'm working, but if I'm not around you can leave message.

Join the chat at https://gitter.im/joeaudette/cloudscribe

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