ASP.NET Core MVC TagHelper for Pagination
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ASP.NET Core TagHelper for Pagination

This was implemented in support of a larger project cloudscribe.Core.Web but has been moved to a separate repository since it has no dependencies on other "cloudscribe" components and should be useful in any ASP.NET Core MVC project that needs pagination. Get the big picture on cloudscribe projects at

Much/most of the credit for this project should go to the MvcPaging project. Some of the ideas, logic, tests, and demo content are borrowed from that project.

In addition to the PagerTagHelper, this project also has an AlphaPagerTagHelper for Alphabetic pagination that can be used to filter the paged content in conjunction with the numeric pager.


The documentation for installation and use has been moved here:

You can download/clone this repo and run the PagingDemo.Web project to see multiple demo pages using the pager in various configurations including ajax and ajax inside a bootstrap modal.

If you have questions or find bugs, please post in the issues

Also feel free to ask questions in our gitter chat web page:

Join the chat at

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