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What is

A community driven, pubic cloud platforms resource and knowledge sharing website.

The goal of this open source repo is to have community members to collaborate on its contents while minimizing the operation of running the website.


To test and run the site on your local environment, you'll need to have a apache server running php.

You can either download and install MAMP for your local mac development, or have a docker running appropriate apache and php images.

You need to have PHP composer installed on your machine first.

Then navigate into code source folder, and run:

composer install

Contribution Folders

The project owners will maintain the structure and code logic of this repo, while contributors mostly working on markdown folers only.

Each markdown file represents a single page found on

For the page routing structures you can check on routes folder for reference.

Leave your comment on issues or create pull request when contributing.


This project is hosted on Alibaba Cloud, and deployed using Mobingi ALM.

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