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CloudShare Docker-Machine Driver

With CloudShare's docker-machine driver installed, you can launch Docker-ready VMs on CloudShare.


Create a docker-machine on CloudShare

docker-machine create -d cloudshare my-machine

Run your docker containers on the new machine

eval $(docker-machine env my-machine)
docker run busy-box echo "Look at me, I'm running on CloudShare"

VM Templates

CloudShare maintains a few VM templates that are docker-machine ready.

Docker-Ready Templates

By default, the Docker - Ubuntu 14.04 Server - SMALL template is used. If you need a bigger VM (more CPU, more RAM) you can specify a different VM template by name.


docker-machine create \
   --driver cloudshare \
   --cloudshare-vm-template-name 'Docker - Ubuntu 14.04 Server - LARGE' \

This is the fastest way to provision a new Docker-Machine - by selecting one of the predefined templates (Small, Medium or Large). If you need more fine grained control on the VM hardware, you can use the following command line options, but be aware it takes a few more minutes to launch VMs with customized hardware.

   --cloudshare-cpus "1"                    CPU count
   --cloudshare-disk-gb "10"                Disk size (GB), >=10GB
   --cloudshare-ram-mb "2048"               RAM (MBs) 256-32768

You can also specify the VM template by ID. You can use the API to obtain a list of all the templates and their IDs programmatically.

More help

Run docker-machine create -d cloudshare --help to see all the options.

Make sure you have the CloudShare driver installed first.


  • Grab the latest release binary for your OS
  • Untar
  • Make sure the docker-machine-driver-cloudshare executable is in your PATH.
    • On Linux (64 bit) the following bash script will do the above for you:
export LATEST=$(curl -s -L | grep tag_name | grep -E "[.0-9]+" -o) && \
    curl -s -L${LATEST}/docker-machine-driver-cloudshare_amd64-linux.tar.gz -o /tmp/docker-machine-driver-cloudshare.tar.gz && \
    cd /tmp && tar xf /tmp/docker-machine-driver-cloudshare.tar.gz && \
    mv /tmp/docker-machine-driver-cloudshare /usr/local/bin/ && \
    chmod +x /usr/local/bin/docker-machine-driver-cloudshare
  • Grab your API ID and Key from your user details page
    • Define them as environment variables: CLOUDSHARE_API_KEY and CLOUDSHARE_API_ID.
    • You can also pass them directly to docker-machine with these options:
      • --cloudshare-api-id
      • --cloudshare-api-key
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