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Raw Node.js type sigs for haXe
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hx-node provides haxe type signatures to Node.js 0.6x.

The base Node API is in js/Node.hx.

There are no abstractions or wrappers just the raw api, this allows you to
implement wrappers on top to your own taste. For example, I've wrapped basic
functionality with futures and map strings events to enums here

Also find on haxelib as "nodejs".

Compiling with haxe

For example, file Ex1.hx

import js.Node;

class Ex1 {
   public static function main() {

      Node.dns.resolve("","A",function(err,ips:Array<Dynamic>) {


Compile with

haxe -D nodejs -cp . -js ex1.js -main Ex1

where -cp . adds the current directory to the classpath which should include the provided js 
directory. You must add  -D nodejs to the compile line.

and then to execute

node ex1.js

Ex1.hx:6: {
	rss : 10039296, 
	vsize : 638578688, 
	heapTotal : 5005376, 
	heapUsed : 2497376
Ex1.hx:7: 5029952
Ex1.hx:11: []

To compile with haxelib

haxe -lib nodejs .... etc

Other sources of info
--------------------- describes using these wrappers
haxe-node.js google group to leave a message
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