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serialize anonymous object broken #10

rjanicek opened this Issue · 3 comments

2 participants

Richard Janicek Ritchie Turner
Richard Janicek

node.js 0.8.4 x64 / Haxe 2.10 / Windows

-include hx-node in class path


package ;
import haxe.Serializer;
class Main {
    static function main() { { } );

output in node and browser ->

TypeError: Object function () { } has no method 'getClass'

Suspect problem is with changes to js.Boot.hx from Haxe 2.10 release

Possible similar issue:!msg/haxelang/z0Qymrm3smQ/Xak-uMR41OMJ

Richard Janicek

Deleting js\Boot.hx seems to fix the problem. Is this file necessary for hx-node ?

Ritchie Turner

I'm removing it now, it's not necessary with 2.1o

Ritchie Turner cloudshift closed this
Richard Janicek
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