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Release Notes

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Geppetto 3.2.1

  • Bug fixes related to startup (Issues #530, #531)
  • Bug fix parser error for combinations of numbers and '.' (Issue #529)

Geppetto 3.2.0-R201307041307

  • Support for Puppet 3.2, including --parser future (iteration, lambdas)
  • Direct Publishing to the Forge
  • Improved Editing of Modulefile / module meta data.
  • Bug Fixes

In this release

Support for Puppet 3.2

Support for Puppet 3.2 and the new ability in Puppet to use the future experimental parser via the ‘--parser future’ option has been added. These are selected under Preferences - just like other targets were selected. Going forward, the Geppetto setting of target to "future" will make Geppetto include support for what is considered "future" in the latest version of Puppet that Geppetto supports (i.e., currently the ‘--parser future’ option in Puppet 3.2.).

The ‘--parser future’ option gives access to the new iteration and Puppet lambda support that enables Puppet logic to contain logic like this:

['fred', 'mary', 'joe'].each |$name| { notice $name }

Formatting of Puppet 3.2 future expressions

Geppetto 3.2 contains formatting (pretty printing) for the new lambda expressions. Since these are typically one liners but sometimes they extend over several lines there needs to be a convenient way to tell Geppetto how a lambda should be formatted. The simple rule is: if a lambda ends with a linebreak before the closing '}' then the lambda will be broken up on several lines, othwerwise an attempt is made to keep it on one line (and if it does not fit, then it is broken up on multiple lines.

Improvements to Modules and Module Publishing

Puppet Labs has released a new improved API for talking to the Forge server. It now includes a method for publishing a module. Geppetto leverages this in several ways:

  • The new and improved Export wizard will allow you to directly publish new releases of your module(s) to the Forge.
    The prerequisite is that you have a Forge account and that a description of the module(s) has/have been entered at the Forge website before publishing.
  • The Geppetto GitHub Publisher (documentation to be released from Puppet Labs soon) lets you create fully automated
    publishing. You push a commit to GitHub, the Travis-CI server kicks off a build which in turn uses the Geppetto Publisher to publish the result to the Forge.
  • The Publisher is provided as a Maven plug-in which means that you can also Publish from the Command Line. This gives you great freedom to configure the publisher and perform all sorts of validation.

The flexibility of the Maven plug-in makes it usable in many other cases as well. You can, for instance, perform validation only or just build without publishing. One viable scenario is to use this to automatically validate pull-requests.

Module resolution now supports Semver

Geppetto sort of already supported Semver, but in Geppetto 3.2 the full Semantic Versioning 1.0.0 Specification is implemented. The version requirements used in the Module Dependencies are based on Puppet Labs Guidelines for Dependencies with the addition of Tilde and X-based Version Ranges. Geppetto supports the full syntax described in the NPM Version Requirement Specification except disparate ranges (the ‘||’ operator) and URL dependencies. The reason for not supporting those is that they will not be supported by the Module Forge.

Geppetto Issues Fixed

For a full list and details of fixed issues see The List at Geppetto github Issue Tracker (3.2.0 milestone).

False Ambiguity Warning for Class vs. Type

Geppetto looked up classes and types in combination and thus reported references to a class where there is also a
type with the same name as ambiguous. This is now corrected, when searching for classes these can not be satisfied by a type.

Index variable in string interpolation

Geppetto reported a strange error for interpolation of an index variable, e.g. "Hello ${names[0]}" and required the use of "Hello ${$names[0]}" to not report an error. This is now corrected.

Increased Robustness in Ruby Parsing

The Ruby parser used by Geppetto has been updated. Parsing of Ruby is now also more robust.

Increased Robustness in handling of errors in Modulefiles

Any problem in reading a Modulefile could cause exceptions and the Modulefile editor could not open the file. These errors could also lead to many logged errors from builds performed in the background. Handling of Modulefile errors is now more robust.

Formatting Improvements

Formatting of arrays and hashes with one of the break and align options turned on could result in undesirable formatting. See issues #500 and #503 for details.

Geppetto 3.0.1 - R201210121047

  • Windows 64 bit version is now available
  • This is a maintenance release

In this release

  • Fixes problem with compact resource formatting. Issue #448
  • Fixes problems with project specific "break and align" prefs. Issue #449
  • Fixes problem with 2 comment sequences being rolled into 1. Issue #451
  • Fixes comment reconciliation when L/R association breaks. Issue #452
  • Fixes internal issue with removal of preference listeners (errors logged).
  • Adds a build clean when puppet nature is toggled. Issue #455
  • Adds well known Eclipse hidden/dot artifacts to default excludes (.project etc).
  • Fixes problem with formatting destroying content. Issue #446

Geppetto 3.0.0 - R201209231713

In this release

  • More than 100 enhancements and fixes compared to Geppetto 2.x
  • Formatter (Pretty Printer) with many formatting options. Details:
  • Documentation Hovers (documentation from puppet manifest and ruby files are shown using HTML hovers)
  • More and improved validation - stylistic / potential problems
  • More quick-fixes
  • Support for Puppet 3.0 (language changes and more).
  • Support for Facter variables
  • Updated platform / Eclipse 3.8


  • always space instead of tabs
  • indent 2 by default
  • smart comment processing
  • align and break (assignments, lists, hashes, arguments, etc)
  • optional compact forms (short resources, selectors, etc.)
  • can be triggered automatically on save

Documentation Hovers

  • Default inline formatting of manifest RDoc changed to plain blue
  • Shows hover with formatted text for referenced element (or "itself").

Eclipse 3.8

Selected Fixed issues

  • Adds block semantic style for ResourceExpr and CSS for block. Issue #312
  • Modifies save-actions to not clear error markers. Issue #328
  • Preserve file timestamps when unzipping an archive.
  • Fixes 'Documentation comments are sometimes not formatted'. Issue #339
  • Incorrect timestamps on aggregated testing results. Issue #342
  • Fixes issue with false negative association of doc comment. Issue #345
  • Fixes issues with documentation comments. Issue #345
  • Changes WS before subsequent statements to optionally 2. Issue #350.
  • Fixes problem with SL comment wrap line blank line insert. Issue #353
  • Makes start/end in interpolation non wrappable. Issue #352
  • Completes General Formatting Preferences. Issue #358 Issue #359
  • Adds comment preferences data management. Issue #360
  • Completes impl of comment formatting prefs. Issue #360. Issue #348.
  • Fixes wrapping problem with indent. Issue #351
  • Fixes interpolation and indentation problem. Issue #354
  • Adds alignment per cluster for case ':'. Issue #357
  • Fixes 'position before , should not be wrappable". Issue #361.
  • Fixes indentation issue (indents after wrap point).Issue #362.
  • Aligns definition argument list assignments. Issue #343.
  • Fixes text-truncation problem when formatting "endComma". Issue #363
  • Changes to cluster alignment for attributes and selectors. Issue #365
  • Fixes problems with indented comments. Issue #368
  • Fixes comment line folding issue. Issue #369
  • Adds testing capability and test case for formatting region. Issue #371
  • Adds use of align and break preferences to definitions. Issue #364
  • Adds compact case formatting with preference control. Issue #373
  • Adds preference for case ':' alignment. Issue #375
  • Adds prefix module/project:: to editor tabs for init.pp. Issue #269
  • Fixes problem with selective formatting. Issue #371
  • Adds formatting of SL comment groups. Issue #370.
  • Adds preference based layout for lists and hashes. Issue #351
  • Adds support for 'unless' in validation advisor. Issue #398
  • Modifies lexer and grammar for 'unless'. Issue #398
  • Adds support for 'unless' statement (Puppet 3.0). Issue #398
  • Added product requirements for embedded jetty. Issue #382
  • Updates all svnkit16 references to svnkit17.
  • Updates templates for new module to latest style. Issue #391.
  • Adds a more extensive default excludes pattern. Issue #332
  • Adds validation part of R to L relationships. Issue #396
  • Adds validation that parameters are unique. Issue #397
  • Adds stylistic validation of ML comments. Issue #385
  • Adds UnlessExpression to PP model. Issue #398
  • Adds check/hard error for unquoted interpolation. Issue #405
  • Adds semantic highlighting to parameter name keyword. Issue #401
  • Changes rule for whitespace after unquoted interpolation. Issue #402
  • Adds quickfixes for unquoted interpolated string. Issue #405
  • Adds validation of reserved class names main and settings. Issue #407
  • Validates that definition parameters start with $. Issue #403
  • Adds preference based break options to list layout. Issue #351
  • Adds hovers with documentation for several elements. Issue #412
  • Improves documentation styling. Adds stylesheet for hover. Issue #412
  • Adds icons (type) to hovers - completes issue. Issue #412
  • Fixes problem with hovers not showing for variables. Issue #418
  • Adds hovers to more expressions. Issue #419
  • Adds highlighting to CollectExpression. Issue #423
  • Improves linking/validation of Collect and Default Resources.
  • Generalizes checking of AttributeOperaionts. Issue #426.
  • Fixes problem with exceptions when switching target.
  • Fixes 'markers not showing' in browser and navigator. Issue #413
  • Adds conditional validation of 3.0 extended relationships. Issue #400.
  • Replaces RubyDocProcessor with better version. Issue #417
  • Fixes 'currect' typo => 'current'. Issue #428
  • Updates pptp's to 3.0.0-rc7. Issue #427
  • Styles h1-h3 in hovers slightly larger. Issue #415, #416
  • CommentProcessor can now return the set of extracted comment lines.
  • Modifies implementation to use CharSequences.
  • Adds self reference hovers and from .pp files. Issue #415, Issue #416
  • Makes Open Declaration work from within hovers. Issue #420
  • Changes the default styling of documentation comments. Issue #429
  • Adds 'Format' as a Save Action. Issue #414
  • Fixed problem with double click selections. Issue #430
  • Fixes indentation issue. Issue #356
  • Adds Facter 1.6 to the target platform. Issue #167
  • Makes indent size changes immediately affect tab size. Issue #432.
  • Adds preference for automatically closing blocks. Issue #433.
  • Adds a potential problem check for use of $string. Issue #408
  • Adds validation of inheriteded parameterized class. Issue #381
  • Adds stylistic validation of "ensure first". Issue #383
  • Fixes formatting of selector expression. Issue #435
  • Improves formatting of Select Expression end brace. Issue #437.
  • Changes formatting operation to use write transaction. Issue #436
  • Fixes problem with node based error markers. Issue #440
  • Adds compact formatting of resources. Issue #394
  • Adds quick fix for "ensure should appear first". Issue #383
  • Adds restore selection after SaveActions. Issue #436
  • Fixes false negative "unknown variable" outside of path. Issue #441
  • Adds optional alignment of assignment expressions. Issue #442

Geppetto 2.2.1 - R201207181637

Note that parts of 2.2.1 were pre-released as hot-fixes on the update site.

In this release

  • Recognition of hiera functions is now included in all puppet targets.
  • Project specific preference flag is now stored in the project. If you have used project specific settings you may need to re-enable them after the update. The good news is that project specific settings can be checked in and takes effect automatically when importing the project into a new workspace/instance of Geppetto. Project specific preferences now also behaves as expected (platform bugs had surprising results regarding what was actually saved).
  • Malfunction in Auto Save Actions could destroy content (this was released as a hot-fix).
  • The fictional 2.8 target is now replaced with a 3.0.0 target based on the puppet 3.0.0 release candidate 3. If you had 2.8 selected as a target, you will automatically get the new 3.0 target.

Issues fixed

  • Fixes auto correct can destroy content. Issue #321.
  • Fixes AIOOB Exception when name is empty. Issue #322.
  • Fixes overwrite of auto edits preferences when nothing changed.
  • Fixes string quoting quick fix should change ' to '. Issue #327.
  • Changes wording in error messages for Strings containing single interpolation.
  • Fixes wording of Borat:ish error message.
  • Fixes a name such as ::$firewall causes IOOB error. Issue #333.
  • Adds hiera functions to all targets. Updates 2.8 references to 3.0. Issue #282.
  • Adds path segment validation in path preferences. Closes #324. When entering a ':' in the path segment, surprises followed.
  • Fixes issue with project specific preferences. Closes #320.

Geppetto 2.2.0 - R201205011340

In this release

  • It is now possible to answer "where is this element declared?", and "what is using this element?" and perform navigation.
  • Improved code completion. More places now completed. Improvements to existing types of proposals. There was a general problem with code completion being confused over location in grammar leading to code completion giving any proposals, or wrong proposals.
  • Improved folding of comments.
  • Improved validation - additional stylistic and potential problems controlled via preferences.
  • A wizard that creates an empty Modulefile has been added.
  • General stability improvements.
  • Based on Eclipse Indigo service release 2, and Xtext 2.2.1.
  • Updated Git support to and EGit 1.3

Issues fixed

  • Makes interpolated variable completion follow form. Issue #304.
  • Improves comment folding in several ways. Issue #306.
  • Fixes problem in save actions always jumping to first line. Issue #297
  • Fixes validation of AtExpression in Collector. Issue #295
  • Fixes "code completion of variables show too much". Issue #305
  • Improves proposal of "$" (adds icon, and removes <> around variable).
  • Improves display of propose keywords by using blue-circle icon.
  • Reorders version match criterion in Modulefile editor. Issue #220
  • Fixes issue - quick fix should use same form. Issue #169
  • Fix problem with version_requirement being camel cased. Issue #302
  • Added bundle requirement. Issue #249
  • Fixes eager validation of dynamic class reference. Issue #274
  • Adds an Open Puppet Element Dialog with basic functionality. Issue #271
  • Adds cross linking capabilities. Issue #154
  • Fixes 'matching brace is wrong when there are interpolations'.
  • Fixes "$x = $x should be validated as error if rhs is reference to lhs
  • Fixes 'italic resource title applied to brackets' Issue #57
  • Adds preferences for issues #277, #278, #279, #280.
  • Adds validation and quickfix for dq string not required. Issue #278
  • Hides ${ token from sq string - fixes problem with matching braces.
  • Adds validation and quickfix of unbraced interpolations. Issue #280.
  • Adds validation and quickfix for single interpolated var. Issue #279
  • Adds validation of unquoted resource title. Issue #277
  • Fixes interpolated variable ${a} not colored as variable. Issue #281
  • Nesting imported modules in a project per user (during bulk import).
  • Added handling of tar entry 'pax_global_header'. Issue #283
  • Made parsing of module meta-data more lenient. Issue #284
  • Adds "Find References". Issue #286
  • Fixes issue with a rebuild job not being canceled before shutdown.
  • Adds additional monitor checks for cancel of running background job.
  • Changes the background rebuild checker to use a rescheduling approach.
  • Fixes NPE during linking of incomplete model. Issue #299
  • Custom function without doc is not recognized. Issue #291
  • Fixes preference label spelling error "brances"

Geppetto 2.1.2 - R201202021616

In this release

  • Code completion of variables and quick fixes based on closest matching names. Works in string interpolation too.
  • Helps correct problems with the confusing addition and removal of hyphen as a legal character in variable names. These are now validated and quickfixes are available.
  • Save actions preferences that will automatically remove trailing whitespace from lines, replace all "funky" spaces (non breaking space, and all other variants of space) with regular space, and ensuring that file ends with a newline. These save actions are configurable for the workspace and projects can have individual (persisted) settings.
  • Preferences available for Potential Problems, and Stylistic Problems where it is possible to control if these checks should be made and if they are ignored, flagged as errors or warnings.
  • Checks added for selector expressions and case statements (default, duplicated and unreachable entries, etc.)
  • Improved validation:
    • Illegal assignments to numerical variables
    • "false" != false, "true" != true
    • Numerical operations on known non-numerical operands (e.g. 1 + 'hello')
    • Missing comma between entries improved (better message, and quickfix added)
  • Turns on puppet nature automatically when opening editor on a .pp file
  • SVN and Git support are now separately updateable (and uninstallable). This enables users to switch to Subclipse (from the bundled Subversion) to get support for SVN 1.7.
  • Files external to Geppetto workspace can now be opened and edited. Geppetto links them to an automatically created special project (and unlinks them on close). This makes the files open in a reasonable context, and it is possible to navigate to them from error markers etc. This is not a substitute for having proper projects, but is very useful when just wanting to look at/edit/copy text from a file available in the filesystem. (Note that files in this special project resolve references against all other files in the same project).

Issues fixed

  • Removes extra formatting spaces in unquoted interpolations. Issue #143
  • Turns on puppet nature automatically when opening editor. Issue #85
  • Fixes references to variables defined with += operator. Issue #241
  • Improves validation of illegal assignments (including numerical variables).Issue #249
  • Fixes confusion over '-' in variable names - improves validation. Issues #216, #237.
  • Fixes issue regarding not being able to install into Eclipse with older EMF. Issue #230.
  • Adds quickfix for interpolated hyphen (replaces '-' with '_' or removes '-'). Issue #246, #251
  • Adds nested modules to module selection dialog. Issue #252.
  • Adds PE 2.0 preference to targets. Issue #247.
  • Adds validation of numerical expressions operations on known non-numeric operands. Issue #253.
  • Adds validation for warn "false" != false (and true). Issue #255.
  • Improves validates optional endComma in definition lists. Issue #250.
  • Fixes 'not yet initialized' false negative error. Issue #256.
  • Adds warnings for codesmells in selector expressions. Issue #178.
  • Adds optional check for missing 'default' in selectors. Issue #178
  • Adds validation of code smells in case expressions. Issue #259
  • Makes validation preference change more efficient. Issue #260
  • Adds error for missing comma between selector entries. Issue #257
  • Made SVN, EGit and JGit uninstallable. Issue #261
  • Improved code completion - better matching.
  • Adds proposal provider for regular variables. Issue #223
  • Fixes problems when qualified name is empty and consists of only $.
  • Adds code completion of variables. Issue #223 Issue #265
  • Fixes "External files can not be edited". Issue #19. Fixes #238.
  • Adds configurable save actions that cleans up spaces. Issue #270.
  • Fixes coloring of non regular spaces that were positioned wrong.
  • Not a valid class reference class{ $::puppet_profile: }. Issue #273.

Geppetto 2.1.1 - R201111161629

In this release

  • Increased support for "magic" variables ($module_name, $0-$n).
  • Bug fixes

Issues Fixed

  • Promotes puppet 'new' wizards to the top of the new menu. Issue #193.
  • Adds validation of magic regular expression result vars $0-$n. Issue #226.
  • Fixes exceptions validating empty class references. Issue #228.
  • Makes metadata.json marked as derived whenever it is written. Issue #225.
  • Validates references to uninitialized variables. Closes #227.
  • Fixes confusion over "." in names.
  • Adds "module_name" as meta variable in pptp. Issue #231.
  • Fixes NPE during build. Issue #232.
  • Improves interpolation. Issue #234, Issue #233.

Geppetto 2.1 - R201110251649

In this release

  • 20Mb smaller footprint! and more functionality.

  • Geppetto helps with the transition from dynamically scoped variables (supported by puppet <= 2.7), to the "local, inherited, and global"-only scopes supported by 2.8. Geppetto does this by validating variable references for target >= puppet 2.7.

    • Geppetto supports best practice, i.e., to make all references to global variables use the '::' namespace (i.e., use $::operatingsystem, in favor of $operatingsystem).

    • Geppetto helps by flagging "unknown" variables, as well as "unknown and unqualified". When targeting 2.7 these are flagged as errors, and when targeting the future 2.8, they are flagged as errors.

    • Unfortunately, it is not possible for Geppetto to validate the existence of all global variables as a majority are not known until runtime.

    • For target 2.6, Geppetto behaves as before (no warnings or errors as it is impossible to statically verify the existence of dynamically scoped variables).

    • For target >= 2.7, Geppetto requires that all non global qualified references are to known variables and will issue warnings (2.7), or errors (2.8). As a consequence Geppetto 2.1 knows about variables in the $settings:: namespace.

  • Fixes issues, and regressions in 2.0.1 validation.

  • Support for Java (Eclipse JDT) removed from packaged product.

  • Based on Eclipse Indigo SR1 which means a large number of fixed issues in base functionality, and git support.

Issues Fixed

  • Adds Puppet 2.8 to preference page (uses 2.7 as platform until 2.8 is released). A setting of 2.8 will flag errors instead of warnings for unknown variable references.
  • Adds check and quickfix for unqualified variables.
  • Validation and cross reference rules can now be specific to puppet versions.
  • Adds validation of unknown non global qualified variables.
  • Validates variable references for puppet >2.7 as dynamic scoping of variables will be deprecated in 2.8. Issue #202
  • Small speed improvements.
  • Removes duplicate error messages for some errors in class. Issue #205.
  • Makes "qualified resource must be quoted" apply to < 2.6. Issue #183.
  • Validates cross reference of string interpolated variables. Issue #207.
  • Fixes "comment preceded by code on same line is not a doc comment".
  • Removes jdt from geppetto product feature.
  • Provides aggregation of error/warning markers when JDT is not present.
  • Works with and without JDT installed (if JDT is also installed, the JDT functionality for error aggregation is used).
  • Makes validation of period "." in case statement depend on puppet version. Issue #213.
  • Makes Module dependency without a version requirement work as ">= 0". Issue #215.
  • In earlier releases a period "." was allowed in variable names. This had minor effect prior to variable validation, and was only noticeable as differently colored interpolated text. Geppetto 2.1 makes variables comply with puppet 2.7 dollarvar rule. Issue #211.
  • Adds replacement for the JDT Error Aggregation Decorator. Issue #214.
  • Fixes regression in class param defaults (false positive). Issue #218.
  • Promotes puppet 'new' wizards to the top of the new menu. Issue #193.

Geppetto 2.0.1 - R201110160838

In this release

  • Improved validation and error messages.

Issues fixed

  • Fixes 'include' and 'require' resolutions not properly recorded. Issue #198
  • Catalog now handles multiple parameter values. Issue #199.
  • Corrects validation of some compound expressions. Issue #204.
  • Improves error message when class body has errors. Issue #203.

Geppetto 2.0.0 - R201109210752

In this release

  • Fixed issue causing "out of permgen space"
  • Fixed late discovered grammar regressions

Geppetto 2.0.0 - R201109182337

In this release

  • Code completion of resource expressions and attributes.
  • Selection of puppet target (2.6 or 2.7)
  • Tasks generation from comments. Comments with "todo" and "fixme" (case insensitive) in comments are interpreted as "tasks" and show up in the Task View. A "!" in the message makes them "important". When comments ends with tag, the code up to the tag is used as task text. e.g. '$mispeledElswhere = false # fixme'
  • Supports search path and environment (removes many ambiguity warnings). This feature provides detailed control over what is visible and prioritizes among otherwise ambiguous matches.
  • Wizards improved (added wizards, better names, error handling).
  • Improvements to validation (more cases and code-smells caught)
  • Suggestions and quickfix using "soundex" for "unknown names" errors
  • Preference pages added, and preferences per project supported
  • Auto edit / auto insert of '' "" () {} [] /* */) can be turned on/off individually via preferences.
  • Check for updates of Geppetto turned on by default in packaged Geppetto.
  • Packaged Geppetto uses Eclipse Indigo as base (IDE version supports >= Helios SR2). This means numerous bugfixes and enhancement to the general platform.
  • Nice icons for files, Modulefile, Manifests and puppet projects.
  • Supports alternate location of forge (mainly for testing).
  • Log View added to packaged Geppetto (it was hard to find details about some errors without this).

Issues fixed

  • Code completion. Issue #9
  • Made forge location override-able (for testing/debugging). Issue #96
  • Added validation that name starts with LowerCase. Issue #159
  • Added new (Empty) Puppet Project Wizard. Issue #159
  • Renamed "New Puppet Project" to "New Puppet Module Project". Issue #159
  • Icon puppet-16 is now on transparent/white background. Issue #168
  • Validate redefined property as error. Issue #170
  • Added edit capabilities and cleaned up dialog. Issue #173
  • Env/Path changes triggers rebuild of affected pp projects. Issue #112
  • Validate that class does not inherit circularly. Issue #171
  • Internal problem with startup. Issue #167
  • Opening error dialog for project creation errors instead of logging them. Issue #93
  • Add pptp preference pane. Issue #162 Issue #166
  • Auto edit preference change should affect open editors. Issue #165
  • Added auto edit preference page. Issue #164
  • Added the settings necessary to turn on automatic updates by default. Issue #155
  • Log viewer added to packaged Geppetto. Issue #163.
  • Ensuring that Modulefiles are created for modules with only JSON metadata. Issue #97
  • use text before #todo tag if it is last on line. Issue #158
  • Fixed missing description #104
  • Add a 'New Puppet Manifest File' wizard. Issue #104
  • Added icons for puppet project nature and manifests. Issue #44, #157
  • Cross references inside one resource not always updated. Issue #156
  • Improvements to scripts for setting up and building.
  • Changed lower bound on version range to be compatible with Helios SR2
  • Internal functionality supporting loading a Catalog from a JSON stream.
  • Validate assignment of read only variables. Issue #179
  • Validate qualified name in resource title. Issue #180

Geppetto 1.0.2.v20110817-0725

Available as update from within Geppetto 1.0.x (if updating from 1.0.0 please check FAQ if you have problems).

In this release

  • Proposals for unknown references available as quick fixes (type 'gebud' and Geppetto will guess you meant 'debug').
  • Supports turning 'todo' and 'fixme' (and a priority '!') in comments into tasks.
  • Default platform is now puppet 2.7
  • File properties/parameters for SELinux are now recognized
  • Circular module dependencies now generate a warning instead of error
  • Calls to 'include' and 'require' now validate their arguments if they are static, and report any reference errors
  • Validation of String Interpolation improved (small errors would cause wide consequences).
  • Improvements in module import from forge, and module metadata editing

Issues Fixed

  • Adding support for substring matching when selecting modules. Issue #128.
  • Adding ability to edit module dependencies. Issue #89.
  • Quickfix - references to unknown elements should propose 'guesses'. Issue #146.
  • Suppress quick fix marker if there are no proposals. Issue #150.
  • Source formatting of node expression is missing. Issue #149.
  • Unary expression errors reported using binary expression feature.
  • Puppet distro to pptp did not recognize content of selcontext.rb. Issue #147.
  • Avoiding NPE when dependency version requirements are missing. Issue #98.
  • Ensuring bogus characters can't be entered for module user name. Issue 134.
  • Unparenthesized calls sometimes not validated. Issue #145.
  • Quickfix if reference uses inconsistent initial capitalization. Issue #130.
  • Task parsing and marker sync implemented. Closes #131
  • Rdoc parsing inside a structure is associated with structure. Issue #144
  • Change Error for circular module dependency to a warning. Issue #127
  • Added validation of empty expression in ParenthesizedExpression.
  • ML Comment's "gobble to end of line" is broken. Issue #141
  • Improve class check of require and include. Issue #139
  • 2.7.1 is now default. Sync of target project handled. Issue #116
  • Small performance tune up.
  • Fixed issue with false negative error for include $var.
  • Add cross reference checks to include and require functions. Issue #138.
  • Illegal characters in username cleaned before used by wizard. Issue #135.

Geppetto 1.0.1.v20110629-2206

In this release

  • Support for Nagios types added
  • Meta 'name' parameter alias supported
  • Build optimizations (10x improvement for large/complicated modules)
  • Fixed issues

Issues Fixed

  • Validation of trivial resource redefinitions added. Issue #84
  • RHS of node inherits must be a constant expression. Issue #67
  • Add redefinition checks for names in array. Improves Issue #84
  • URL for pptp shortened in ambiguity error marker. Quickfix glitch.
  • Support for nagios types added to pptp. Issue #106
  • Improved formatting of ambiguous warning message.
  • Added Progress Monitor to recursive delete.
  • Parameters target and ensure not included for any nagios type. Issue #115
  • Added namevar processing (default meta 'name' and real namevar - error for redefinition).
  • Optimized resource linker.
  • Generated pptp files for 2.6.9 and 2.7.1. (Files included but not yet directly useable from UI). Issue #116
  • Single-quoted strings with escapes cause unwarranted warnings. Issue #126.
  • Setting defaults for defines causes unwarranted error. Issue #125
  • Fixed problem on OSX that required manual patch to geppetto.ini to be able to update. Also see FAQ.

Geppetto 1.0.0.v20110510-0811

In this release

  • Support for linking types, definitions, classes, parameters and functions
  • Support for Puppet "target platform" - i.e. validation/linking against a puppet distribution
  • Module metadata validated and updated incrementally
  • Fixed issues

Issues Fixed

  • Better error message for, Syntax error at '=>' expected ')' when '=>' was used instead of '='
  • Errors in formatting strings with interpolated expressions fixed.
  • Circular module dependencies flagged as errors. #69.
  • case values with '.' (period) are now validated. #80
  • attempt to link to elements with invalid name causes exception
  • definition names are now validated
  • Validate reference to class in class parameters. #24
  • Unary '-' not correctly handled. #76
  • Errors should not make references to Impl classes
  • white space in interpolation expression causes erroneous error.
  • documentation association wrong for comment after last in list
  • Linking not working when project had no Modulefile (lots of false errors marked)
  • Functions representing log levels are now added to PPTP. #65
  • Inheritance of class and inherited parameters added. #66
  • Improved validation of missing commas. #12
  • False positive parameter validation fixed.
  • Speling erors fixed... :-)
  • Version matching with '-' in version does not work. #68

Geppetto 0.1.2

In this release

  • Added support for RDoc parsing and coloring
  • More validation and warnings
  • Fixed issues

Issues Fixed

  • [27] geppetto recognizes hash access as resource reference
  • [28] geppetto raises errors on parameter named $in in a definition header
  • [15] validate nested structures (classes, definitions and node definitions may only appear at top level or directly nested in a class).
  • [6] warn against unrecognized character escapes in strings
  • [14] formatting of function calls has extra spaces
  • [21] Added doc handling for node and host class
  • [21] Added support for hanging indents and definitions in RDoc text
  • [21] make geppetto understand documentation comments
  • [13] model validation if-then-else expression
  • [25] puppet issue #6335 allow optional trailing comma in argument list
  • [23] relax validation of puppet issue #5516 - Hashes can't be used in selectors
  • [22] relax validation of only 2 levels of hash access (puppet #6269)
  • [-] Added validation of parameter definition and addition
  • [-] Added validation to parenthesized function call.

Internal changes:

  • Refactored generation - moved to separate project.
  • Made diagnostic IDs globally unique.

Geppetto 0.1.1

In this release

  • Enhancing export module action to support multiple selection.
  • Fixed issues

Issues Fixed

  • [3] parser is mistaking '::if' as clasname for an if() {} construct. This fix is now generalized to allow keywords when combined with ::
  • [4] Parser does not understand realize on multiple lines This was caused by missing endcomma rule.
  • [11] Geppetto does not yet know about parameterized classes The construct was mistaken as a resource-default which does not allow a title.
  • [11] Geppetto does not yet know about parameterized classes. Added classifier for this case.
  • [-] Added support for optional endComma in function call. Deprecated the special "leadingSpacesAndComments" for manifest.
  • [-] Fixed coloring for keywords included in names.
  • [-] Made it possible to use 'default' and 'class' as name
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