The Cloudy Cloud Obfuscated Code Challenge
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The Cloudy Cloud Obfuscated Code Challenge

Challenge end date: Mon Mar 14 05:00:00 GMT 2011

We spend most of our time showing how clear and easy the cloud can make development. To have a little fun, we wanted to see who can do the best job of making the cloud cloudy. The goal of this contest is to create a functional piece of code that is creatively obfuscated in its formatting. This contest is meant to be similar to the International <a href="" target="_blank">Obfuscated C Code Contest</a>. Your code MUST be written by you. Any submissions stolen/slightly modified from the internet will be disqualified. This is meant to be a fun contest for participants.

Code submitted must provide some function that must be documented with the submission or else be rejected. Code must be in one of the following languages: C#, perl, python, javascript, java, apex with detailed descriptions of how to build and run the program on a public cloud platform. Identify which code file contains the obfuscated code in a README.txt file or similar documentation.