Customer Portal Dashboard with Google Chart Tools
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Customer Portal Dashboard with Google Chart Tools

Challenge end date: Wed Jun 01 04:00:00 GMT 2011

<p>Use Google Chart Tools to create dashboard components for the Customer Portal. Dashboard components are a great way to graphically represent data. However, even though reports are available to Customer Portal users, dashboards components are (sadly) not. We’d like to create one or a series of Visualforce components that could be used to mimic a dashboard. </p> <p>First Place: $750<br> Second Place: $250</p>

<p>Use <a href="" target="_blank">Google Chart Tools</a> to create either a single Visualforce component or individual Visualforce components to display a pie chart, bar chart and table chart for data. Display all three charts on a Visualforce page to mimic a dashboard. Link each chart to a URL which could either be a report or another Visualforce page. </p> <p>Be as creative as possible to make the Visualforce components flexible and reusable.</p> <p>The components can use either a standard controller, custom controller or controller extension.</p> <p>Must have adequate test coverage (75%+).</p>