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Here is a quick list of the changes:

     This file has been changed to add the patch_using_post attribute and use it for biz logic in the 
     Databasedotcom::Client.http_patch method.

     Added the patch_using_post attribute for testing purposes.

     Added/Modified the corresponding tests for coverage of the addition of the patch_using_post attribute.
     Note: The file diff.txt details the changes made.

     Modified tests:
           configuration from environment variables
               takes configuration information from the environment, if present
               takes configuration information from a URL
           from a yaml file
               takes configuration information from the specified file
           from a hash
               takes configuration information from the hash
               accepts symbols in the hash

         Databasedotcom::Client precedence
               prefers the environment configuration to the YAML configuration

     Added tests:
        Databasedotcom::Client defaults
           defaults to using real patch requests

        Databasedotcom::Client authentiation with a materialized class
              with proper fields performing patch request using post
              with attributes from a hash
              persists the updated changes with names as symbols
              applies type coercions before serializing
              applies type coercions with Dates represented as Strings

              with a valid external field performing patch request using post
                 with a non-existent external id
                    creates a new record with the external id and the specified attributes
                 with an existing external id
                     updates attributes in the existing object
                 with multiple choice   
                     raises an Databasedotcom::SalesForceError

              with an invalid external field performing patch request using post
                 raises an Databasedotcom::SalesForceError

          #http_patch performing patch request using post   
              upserts the data to the specified path
              puts parameters into the path
              includes the headers in the request
              raises SalesForceError
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