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iPad Account Checkin App for

Challenge end date: Mon May 09 03:00:00 GMT 2011

<p>Create an iPad app to allow users to “find” and “checkin” to nearby accounts.</p>

<p>Create an iPad app with the following functionality:</p> <p>When the application loads, it initially displays a white splash screen with the logo and the text “ Account Checkin”.</p> <p>The user must authenticate to using OAuth.</p> <p>Once logged in, the search screen displays, “Find Nearby Accounts” and provides the user with the ability to determine a search radius (i.e., 5 Miles, 25 KM). The search uses the iPad’s current geo location and searches for accounts located within the selected radius. Results are returned in a table with the account name, address and distance away. The closest accounts should appear at the top.</p> <p>Selecting an account will display the details of the account (name, address, description, industry, phone and type), list of related open opportunities (opportunity name, amount, stage, close date) and a list of related open activities (subject, name, due date, status, priority, assigned to). The user will not be able to select an opportunity or activity for additional info. <strong>Note: extra credit for displaying a Google map with directions from the user’s current location to the selected account.</strong></p> <p>Provide the user with a “Checkin” button that pops up a new dialog where the user can enter the details of the checkin (subject and comments) to be recorded as a completed activity. The checkin should also set the following automatically for the completed activity: AssignedTo is the current user, IsRecurrence = false, IsReminderSet = false, Status = Completed, Type = Meeting. After submission, the user will receive some type of notification that the checkin was successful.</p>
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