iPhone Admin Application
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iPhone Admin Application

URL: http://www.cloudspokes.com/challenge_detail.html?contestID=148
Blog: http://blog.cloudspokes.com/2011/04/salesforcecom-iphone-admin-app-winner.html
Challenge end date: Wed Apr 06 05:00:00 GMT 2011

Develop a native iPhone app that allows for salesforce.com administrative functions to be handled remotely. An admin&#39;s job is never ends so being able to do some common admin features from the road would greatly simplify an admin&#39;s life. This is not an all encompassing administration application. This competition came from the great idea <a href="https://docs.google.com/a/appirio.com/document/d/1s0EhNK_x2ZQH5lJ1vy03ib0Ez2eBwArdBus2JDn8Hos/edit?hl=en&amp;authkey=CPeq7cIE#" target="_blank">submission</a> from <a href="http://www.cloudspokes.com/profile.html?username=knthornt" target="_blank">knthornt</a>

<ol><li>Login will be performed using OAuth. Additionally, the application will only allow administrators to log in.</li><li>Provide the capability to reset passwords/unlock users.</li><li>Provide the ability to clone users for new user creation.</li><li>Provide the ability to disable users.</li><li>You will not be graded on the look and feel of the application. Look and feel will be worth bonus points.</li><li>If you can think of other admin features you think would add value please feel free to add them.</li></ol>