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This is some scripts to better enable working with from within vim.

file types

Apex files are configured to automatically syntax highlight as java. Visualforce pages are configured to syntax hightlight as html.

ant support

I have included an ant script for deploying and retrieving files.

Within vim, cd to the root of your project.

In normal mode:

make deploy - this will deploy the currently open file to your org.

make deployAll - this will overwrite everything in your org with what is in your project folder.

make retrieveAll - this will overwrite everything in your project folder with what is in your org.

Note: The script assumes build.xml resides in a build folder below your project root and package.xml resides in a src folder below your project root.


  • Copy the "ftdetect" folder go in your ~/.vim folder.
  • Copy the "build" folder into the root of your project folder.
  • If you copied the project from Eclipse, replace the package.xml in src under your project folder with the one provided. Otherwise, if you do not have a src folder yet you can copy the src folder provided into the root of your project folder.
  • Edit build/ to reflect your username and password
  • Restart vim