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# coding=utf-8
A demo of web image crawler that grabs all jpg files from a URL provided by the user and stores them in OSS.
For example:invk crawler_image -s "{\"url\":\"\"}"
Please replace <' var '> with real value
import re
import urllib
import json
import datetime
import oss2
import logging
# The main function
def handler(environ, start_response):
logger = logging.getLogger()'start worker')
request_body_size = int(environ.get('CONTENT_LENGTH', 0))
except (ValueError):
request_body_size = 0
request_body = environ['wsgi.input'].read(request_body_size)
context = environ['fc.context']
evt = json.loads(request_body)
url = evt['url']'url:' + url)
endpoint = ''
creds = context.credentials
auth = oss2.StsAuth(creds.accessKeyId, creds.accessKeySecret, creds.securityToken)
bucket = oss2.Bucket(auth, endpoint, 'chmurowiskophotos')
html = getHtml(url)
img_list = getImg(html)
count = 0
for item in img_list:
count += 1
# Get each picture
pic = urllib.urlopen(item)
# Store all the pictures in oss bucket, keyed by timestamp in microsecond unit
bucket.put_object(str( + '.jpg', pic)
status = '200 OK'
response_headers = [('Content-type', 'text/plain')]
start_response(status, response_headers)
response = "download success, total pictures:" + str(count)
#return ['download success, total pictures:' + str(count)]
return [bytes(response)]
# get url of content
def getHtml(url):
page = urllib.urlopen(url)
html =
return html
# Get jpg uri
def getImg(html):
reg = r'http:\/\/[^\s,"]*\.jpg'
imgre = re.compile(reg)
imglist = re.findall(imgre, html)
logger = logging.getLogger()
return imglist
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