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RadargunTPCC benchmark is an implementation of the Transaction Profiles defined in the TPC Benchmark C specification within Radargun benchamark, and it has been designed with the purpose of executing the TPC-C benchmark against Infinispan.


Refer to Radargun's home page for documentation.

Quick start:

The best way to get started with Radargun is The five minutes tutorial


A complete example of configuration is in benchmark.xml file in RadrgunTPCC/framework/src/main/resources/ directory. Compared to the classical Radargun configuration file, we have additional parameters concerning the configuration of the Warmup stage and the WebSessionBenchmark stage.

In the Warmup we perform the population of the data grid and numWarehouse specifies the number of Warehouse to be populated.

The other new parameters are:

  • perThreadSimulTime. The simulation duration (in nanoseconds).

  • lambda. If the value is greater than "0.0", the "open system" mode is active and the parameter represents the arrival rate (in transactions per second) of a job (a transaction to be executed) to the system; otherwise the "closed system" mode is active: this means that each Stresser generates and executes a new transaction in an iteration as soon as it has completed the previous iteration.

  • paymentWeight. Percentage of Payment transactions in the system.

  • orderStatusWeight. Percentage of Order-Status transactions in the system.

  • cLastMask, cIdMask, olIdMask. Bitmasks used for generating customer last names, customer numbers and item numbers in order to implement a non-uniform random generation. See the TPC Benchmark C specification for more details.