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gghelper - AWS Greengrass helper

This is a commandline tool to assist in setting up AWS Greengrass installations.


A typical workflow is:

  1. Create a Greengrass group

    gghelper creategroup -name test
  2. The output of the creategroup will be a tar file containing the certificates and configuration for the Greengrass Core. This should be transferred onto the GGC system and unpacked:

    tar xzf 5d7b82589d-setup.tar.gz -C /greengrass
  3. The GGC can be started with this configuration.

    (cd /greengrass/ggc/core; sudo ./greengrassd start)
  4. Add in a lambda function

    gghelper lambda -pinned -d dist -handler hello_vsphere.hello_vsphere_handler -name HellovSphere -role lambda-test-get -runtime python2.7
  5. Create a subscription between the function and cloud

    gghelper createsub -source HellovSphere -target cloud -subject "hello/vsphere"
  6. Make a deployment to download config and code to the Greengrass core

    gghelper createdeployment
  7. Going to the Greengrass Test page, create a subscription (using # will get all the messages) to see the function run periodically every 5 seconds.


This project was sponsored by VMware. And inspiration and some compatibility by the AWS Labs aws-greengrass-group-setup.