A Plesk extension that adds a terminal icon to the user's control panel for web-based SSH access via Shell in a Box.
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Terminal Icon Extension for Plesk

This is a simple extension that adds an icon to the user's control panel for web-based SSH access via Shell in a Box. It is designed to be used in conjunction with Shell in a Box.

For instructions on installing Shell in a Box as a Docker container, refer to the documentation.


Note: While Docker is not required (you can install Shell in a Box locally or on a remote server), the instructions related to this extension describe how to use it with a Shell in a Box Docker instance.


Install from Distribution ZIP

This is the easiest method to install the extension.

  1. Install Shell in a Box
  2. Download the distribution ZIP of this extension and install. DO NOT download the source ZIP or clone by itself - it will not work without doing some extra steps (see below).
  3. Enter your Shell in a Box URL in the extension settings.

See the wiki for detailed instructions.

Install from Source

If you prefer to install from source:

  1. Download the source or clone the repo
  2. Change directory to the extracted/cloned extension
  3. Run the following commands to create an installable ZIP file:
npm install
npm run zip

The last command will create a file named terminal-icon-{version}.zip in the parent directory.


There are several ways that you can contribute:

  1. Report bugs that you find.
  2. Contribute improvements.
  3. Provide translations.


  • Resize terminal window based on the browser's viewport height.
  • Hide icon for users that do not have SSH access.
  • Explore the possibility of hiding the icon on mobile devices.

Change Log

Release changes are noted on the Releases page.

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Terminal Window

Terminal (SSH) Link

Extension Settings