Cm & Postgres automation #1

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ashrithr commented Apr 6, 2014

Updates to include:

  • cm automation
  • postgres deployment
  • postgres database creation
  • postgres user & database permissions
ashrithr added some commits Mar 12, 2014
@ashrithr ashrithr Adds custom provider for making curl calls 8d10bf4
@ashrithr ashrithr Updates mkdir_p custom provider 87d378a
@ashrithr ashrithr Updates utils to support cloudera manager repos 06f0769
@ashrithr ashrithr Adds cloudera managet installation module 05f5d4b
@ashrithr ashrithr Fixes module name errors 0989fc3
@ashrithr ashrithr Fixes repo cm errors 55531bd
@ashrithr ashrithr [cm] Adds support for cluster initialize 5d026f0
@ashrithr ashrithr [cm] Fixes typo in server init b70a1bf
@ashrithr ashrithr [cm] Fixes typo in server init c000d27
@ashrithr ashrithr [cm] Updates default cm version to 5 78d2510
@ashrithr ashrithr [cm] Adds host resource controller ad8fbc3
@ashrithr ashrithr Adds ReadMe 680e222
@ashrithr ashrithr [cm] Updates agent to include host declaration 64e2311
@ashrithr ashrithr [cm] updates params to pull from hiera a5af516
@ashrithr ashrithr Adds custom provider 'wait_for' to wait for certain resources(command…
…s based on regex) to get completed
@ashrithr ashrithr Adds custom function 'hash_to_json' to convert ruby hash to json string 72e782b
@ashrithr ashrithr [curl] updates provider to fix some issues 182d766
@ashrithr ashrithr [cm] Updates with adding management services and configuring them 4770853
@ashrithr ashrithr [cm] Adds creating and managing management services databases using p…
@ashrithr ashrithr [cm] Updates params.pp to include database related configuration para…
@ashrithr ashrithr [cm] Updates gitignore 383acd6
@ashrithr ashrithr [cm] Updates api params.pp to include api version and domain name aut…
@ashrithr ashrithr [cm] Updates parcels download and waits until download completes d61f03a
@ashrithr ashrithr [cm] Adds cluster initialize which would initialize a new cluster obj…
…ect in scm
@ashrithr ashrithr [cm] Adds database management for scm 395d05c
@ashrithr ashrithr [cm] Updates scm server to create database in postgres 3daa798
@ashrithr ashrithr [cm] Adds db properties for managed scm database 9290423
@ashrithr ashrithr [utils] adds core postgres config and puppetdb config 2fc464e
@ashrithr ashrithr [cm] Includes parcel management which includes:
  * Determinig the latest parcel version for a given package
  * Downloading the latest parcel
  * Distributing parcel to all hosts
  * Activating the parcel
@ashrithr ashrithr [utils] Updates `wait_for` provider to include a way to skip the requ…
…est based on regex
@ashrithr ashrithr [cm] Updates cluster init to depend on previous requests and start ma…
…nagement services
@ashrithr ashrithr [cm] Fixes typo in management databases config 3343115
@ashrithr ashrithr [cm] Updates `api::params` to include cluster name, for convience sake 619b1dd
@ashrithr ashrithr [cm] Fixes typo in scm database config f486db5
@ashrithr ashrithr [cm] Adds bases line class initialize for 2 step deployment b02247c
@ashrithr ashrithr [cm] Minor updates 4e83d66
@ashrithr ashrithr [cm] Minor updates 36b04ea
@ashrithr ashrithr [cm] Updates init to include hdfs initialize 4e27789
@ashrithr ashrithr [cm] Adds installing agents using api 771a97a
@ashrithr ashrithr [cm] Adds adding roles to scm 25cfc82
@ashrithr ashrithr [cm] Adds adding service to scm ca6df4e
@ashrithr ashrithr [cm] Adds ability to configure service config 2fb41c0
@ashrithr ashrithr [cm] Adds a way to initialize hdfs using api d41dcff
@ashrithr ashrithr [utils] updates database configuration a775975
@ashrithr ashrithr [cm] Adds new puppet resource provider cm_command to execute commands…
… using cm api
@ashrithr ashrithr [utils] updates database configuration 7d5d57f
@ashrithr ashrithr [cm] Adds manifests to control cm api role commands and config d21c745
@ashrithr ashrithr [cm] Improvements & Bug Fixes a1e4808
@ashrithr ashrithr merged commit a422141 into master Apr 6, 2014
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