Pintura is the JSGI-based RESTful JSON/JavaScript server written in JavaScript based on Persevere that will form the foundation of Persevere 2.0
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Pintura is a cross-platform server side JavaScript based REST style web framework providing JSON/object storage with standards based HTTP client/server interaction. Pintura consists of reusable CommonJS modules and JSGI middleware such that it can be used on any JSGI compliant JavaScript platform. Pintura forms the core of the Persevere 2.0 framework which is designed for client-centric applications that rely heavily on Ajax-driven data communication from the browser. Pintura features:

  • Create, read, update, and delete access to persistent data through a standard JSON HTTP/REST web interface
  • Extensive dynamic JavaScript object persistence extensive with support for storage of dynamic property sets, arrays, dates, and more
  • JSONQuery/JSONPath querying for powerful web-based querying
  • Object capability model security, with facet-based programming approach to protecting and controlling access to resources
  • Data integrity and validation through JSON Schema
  • Extensive content negotiation capabilities with out-of-the-box support for JSON, JavaScript, and Atom representations of JavaScript persistent object resources
  • Remote execution of JavaScript methods on the server through JSON-RPC for a consistent client/server language platform
  • Comet-based data monitoring capabilities through HTTP Channels with Bayeux transport plugin/negotiation support
  • Cross-site request handling and robust, solid cross-site request forgery protection
  • Class-based data hierarchy object oriented data persistence

See the main Persevere site for more information: