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#ifndef bump_pointer_allocator_h
#define bump_pointer_allocator_h
#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
typedef uint32_t id;
struct bpa_heap;
struct bpa_heap * bpa_init(void *buffer, size_t sz);
id bpa_create(struct bpa_heap *, size_t sz);
void * bpa_grab(struct bpa_heap *, id);
void bpa_release(struct bpa_heap *, id);
void * bpa_get_ptr(struct bpa_heap *, id);
id bpa_get_id(struct bpa_heap *, void *);
// 4K bytes per step
// step 0 for full collect
void bpa_collect(struct bpa_heap *, int step);
// for debug
void bpa_dump(struct bpa_heap *);
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