A BSON library for lua
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This is a simple BSON library for Lua.


make win


make linux


Lua TypeBSON TypeNotes
number32-bit integer
number64-bit integerprecision lost in lua 5.1/5.2
bson.binary(blob)Binary stringUse bson.type() to decode
tableBSON Document
tableBSON ArrayLua table must be a sequence. (Continuous number key base 1)
bson.date(os.time())UTC Datetimemilliseconds since epoch
bson.timestamp(os.time())Timestampspecial mongodb type, two 32-bit number
bson.regex(regex,option)Regular Expression
bson.objectid()ObjectIDMongoDB document ID
bson.minkeyMin Key
bson.maxkeyMax Key

Convert a bson value to lua string

A value with bson type Null,Binary,MinKey,Maxkey,etc would be encoded in lua, you can use bson.type(v) to convent back to normal lua string.

typestring, value = bson.type(bson.binary("Hello"))
assert(typestring == "binary")
assert(value == "Hello")

Replace field

These bson types (fixed length) below can be replace by new value after encode to bson object.

  • int32
  • int64
  • double
  • boolean
  • date
  • timestamp
  • objectid

You need call makeindex() before replace.

Getting started

See test.lua