A lightweight online game framework
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skynet logo

Skynet is a lightweight online game framework which can be used in many other fields.


For Linux, install autoconf first for jemalloc:

git clone https://github.com/cloudwu/skynet.git
cd skynet
make 'PLATFORM'  # PLATFORM can be linux, macosx, freebsd now


export PLAT=linux

For FreeBSD , use gmake instead of make.


Run these in different consoles:

./skynet examples/config	# Launch first skynet node  (Gate server) and a skynet-master (see config for standalone option)
./3rd/lua/lua examples/client.lua 	# Launch a client, and try to input hello.

About Lua version

Skynet now uses a modified version of lua 5.3.5 ( https://github.com/ejoy/lua/tree/skynet ) for multiple lua states.

Official Lua versions can also be used as long as the Makefile is edited.

How To Use (Sorry, currently only available in Chinese)