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What's this ?

It's a example to show how to split the packages from a tcp data stream in skynet.

service/socket_proxyd.lua is a manager service of sockets, and lualib/socket_proxy.lua is the library. Read the test/main.lua for usecase.

If you want to manage a tcp data stream, you can call proxy.subscribe(fd) first. It register the fd into the manager (the unique service socket_proxyd) , and launch a C service for it to split the tcp data stream. would request a package (WORD in big endian + DATA) from the C service.

proxy.write(fd) would forward the package to the tcp socket.

These C services haven't list in debug console, but you can call info by socket_proxyd in debug console to show these services.


Modify the Makefile, change SKYNET_PATH to your path of skynet. The default path is $(HOME)/skynet .

If you are not using linux, make it by yourself.


Run skynet first :

$(HOME)/skynet test/config

And then use the simple client in ./test :

lua test/client.lua

The test/main.lua is a simple echo server, so you can try to type something now.