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In mythology Hera was Zeus's wife (and sister!). In this directory, Hera is an interface to interact with a Zeus Traffic Manager (formerly ZXTM) via it's SOAP interface. This library was written for Traffic Manager version 6.

You can do pretty much anything you want to from the API, however, this particular library currently only interacts with the System.Cache.wsdl since that's the only part I'm interested in.

Zeus manuals and the complete set of WSDL files are available on each Traffic Manager through a maze of clicking:

  1. Log in
  2. Click "Diagnose"
  3. Click "Technical Support"
  4. The manuals are all on this page as well as a link to "Control API WSDL Files"

Basic Use

A simple example:

>>> from hera import Hera

>>> h = Hera(username, password, location)

# Empties the entire cache
>>> h.flushAll()


Copy to and fill in all the values. Then run fab test.