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import os
from urlparse import urlparse
from suds.client import Client
from suds.transport.http import HttpAuthenticated
from import ImportDoctor, Import
class Hera:
def __init__(self, username, password, location, wsdl="System.Cache.wsdl"):
# Sorry windows
cur = os.path.dirname(__file__)
url = "file://%s" % os.path.abspath(os.path.join(cur, 'wsdl', wsdl))
# Apparently Zeus's wsdl is broken and we have to jimmy this thing in
# manually. See for details.
# Also, you'll be happy to know that the zillion .wsdl files that Zeus
# includes apparently have different targetNamespace's. This one
# happens to be 1.1, but if you load something else you'll probably
# need to adjust it.
imp = Import('')
doctor = ImportDoctor(imp)
transporter = HttpAuthenticated(username=username, password=password)
self.client = Client(url, doctor=doctor, location=location,
def flushAll(self):
"""Flushes everything in the system: all objects across all virtual
return self.client.service.clearWebCache()
def getGlobalCacheInfo(self):
"""Returns a small object of statistics."""
return self.client.service.getGlobalCacheInfo()
def flushObjectsByPattern(self, url, return_list=False):
"""Flush objects out of the cache. This accepts simple wildcards (*)
in the host and/or path. If return_list is True we'll return a list of
URLs that matched the pattern. There is a performance hit when
returning the list since we have to request it, build it, and return
it. """
if return_list:
objects = self.getObjectsByPattern(url)
o = urlparse(url)
r = self.client.service.clearMatchingCacheContent(o.scheme,
if return_list and objects:
return ["%s://%s%s" % (o.protocol,, o.path)
for o in objects]
return []
def getObjectByPattern(self, url):
"""A simple convenience function. If you have a full URL and you want
a single object back, this is the one."""
return self.getObjectsByPattern(url, 1)
def getObjectsByPattern(self, url, limit=None):
o = urlparse(url)
r = self.client.service.getCacheContent(o.scheme, o.netloc,
o.path, limit)
if r.number_matching_items:
return r.matching_items