An old extension for Thunderbird to adjust the message threading
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Note: ThreadBubble is no longer required if you're using Thunderbird 3.1 or newer...and you should be.

This is a very small extension for Thunderbird that resorts the threaded view by date when new mail arrives (similar to what gmail does). It should fix Bug 262319 and the 13(!) duplicate bugs.

To Install:

  • Right-click, save the file somewhere
  • In Thunderbird, click tools -> extensions
  • Click Install, and find the file on your computer
  • Restart Thunderbird

Frequently Asked Questions

I installed the extension but nothing happens! The extension checks to make sure you are sorting by date before it does anything (to keep from messing up your view if you temporarily sorted by another column). If nothing happens after you install, that's the first thing to check.

Can you change the extension so it sorts by order received instead of date? When Thunderbird gets a new message on a thread it sorts by the date of the first message in the thread - not the last. Since it sorts this way, sorting by order received wouldn't do any good. Other people who think this behavior is strange have congregated in bug 254159.