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Open-source APIs to make building on BitClout easier, faster and more fun.

What is CloutAPIs?

CloutAPIs is a set of APIs that sit on-top of the BitClout blockchain to provide simpler, richer or additional functionality and hopefully will prevent multiple developers from having to implement the same features.

In some cases, CloutAPIs will augment blockchain information with data stored off-chain for informational, metadata or optimization purposes.

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As early developers on BitClout we saw two trends that we hope to help avoid continuing:

  1. Many developers all having to write the same functionality to get their apps up and running
  2. Developers creating siloed "destinations" for individual features

We don't believe that the future of the platform is one node with feature X, and another with feature Y, but rather a framework of features that are collaborated on. In time, we hope to build an economic framework around this too.

Today, CloutAPIs are free for all to use. In the near future we will introduce API keys for apps and in the further future will look to explore models of monetization that can support a developer ecosystem — where a new developer may choose to distribute their feature via CloutAPIs instead of building a new destination portal for it. That is when we all truly win.



A simple way to add support for CloutTags in your application.

  • Get trending CloutTags in real time
  • List posts for any CloutTag
  • Autocomplete CloutTags
  • Get metadata for CloutTags


More APIs coming soon...

If you have an idea that you'd like to see made (or want to contribute), jump over to the Issues and suggest it!

Hosted APIs

All APIs are available at Alternatively, you can clone, and host your own version of them.

You are welcome to use our hosted versions for development, although know that we intend to explore monetization for professional usage in the future (via BitClout.)

Local Setup

Make sure you have Node.js and Yarn installed.

git clone
cd cloutapis


  • A local Postgres instance running
  • A user with username cloutapis, password cloutapis (these are declared in .env)

Once you have your local postgres instance running with the user created, you can run:

yarn db:create
yarn db:migrate

Building Locally

The typescript needs to be built before running. This only takes a few seconds:

yarn build
yarn start

Your app should now be running on localhost:5000.

Running the worker locally

The worker can be started after yarn build:

node dist/apis/clouttags/fetch/worker.js

Using Docker for the development environment

make start # starts the env
make stop # stops the env


Open-source APIs to make building on BitClout easier, faster and more fun.








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