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The Typesetting Markup Language

TML v0.1.7

Please see WIKI for comprehensive documentation

TML is an attempt to create a typesetting language that is simple, elegant and easy to understand and use.

The current implementation targets groff as the target output, which can then be used to generate professional quality postscipt and PDF documents.

Groffers will rejoice in knowing that since groff is under the hood, you may also include groff code in TML documents. The parser will simply pass over and include them in the generated output. Note however the current implementation depends heavilty on Peter Schaffter's MOM macros.

Although usable, it is still a proof of concept, an experiment and an attempt to attract more users to the world of groff. After more than a year of secrecy, Peter and I thought it was time to share with other what we had been up to, and how elegant typesetting groff could be.


As a starting point, I recommend you have a look at the tests folder to see examples of what TML markup looks like. Examples of complete works typeset using TML, or a combination of TML and groff will be added shortly.

Please see WIKI for comprehensive documentation

How do I use it?

Well, first you will need to have Peter Schaffter's MOM macros installed MOM macros.

Then you can run:

perl filename.tml

This will spit stuff out on the screen. If you want the output to be saved to a file, do:

perl filename.tml >

Finally, if you want to turn the resulting .mom file into a pdf:

pdfmom > filename.pdf

Some final notes

  1. I am a hobby programmer and this is all one big experiment. If you want to contribute...please do!
  2. Although it produces useable output, this is still just a prototype.
  3. If there is enough interest in this project, I would ideally see TML being backend agnostic, and using an architecture that would read tokens into a parse tree, and code generators to output various targets, such as laTex, HTML, markdown or even directly to PDF.
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