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Sep 21, 2020

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Clover SDK for Android POS integration


Current version: 4.3.2


This SDK allows your Android-based Point-of-Sale (POS) system to communicate with a Clover® payment device and process payments. Learn more about Clover Integrations.

The Android project includes a connector and an example POS. To work with the project effectively, you will need:

Getting connected

  1. Download the USB Pay Display app from the Clover App Market onto your Clover DevKit. You can also use the Secure Network Pay Display app for a local network connection with the Clover DevKit. The remaining steps assume that you are using the USB Pay Display app.
  2. Open the USB Pay Display app.
  3. Run the Clover Connector Android Example POS app on your Android POS device or emulator.
  4. The Example POS screen and device connection status should appear. If the connection was successful, the device status should be "connected." If the device remains disconnected, verify that:
    1. You are connecting the correct cable to the correct connection point on the Clover device. (On the Clover Mini, this is the USB port with the Clover logo.) You will need to use a USB A-to-USB B cable (see ADB over USB for more information).
    2. Your Android device supports “host” mode, which is also referred to as OTG mode. This functionality is required to communicate with the Clover Mini, which will operate in “accessory” mode.

Additional resources