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CloverConnector iOS Example

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Example Implementation of the Clover SDK for iOS Integration

An example integration of the CloverConnector demonstrating communication between iOS/MacOS and a Clover Mini or Flex.


Current version: 3.0.3

This example is implemented using v3.0.3 of the CloverConnector SDK, which can be found at


  • CloverConnector - Provides the communication between the example app and the Clover device.
  • ObjectMapper - Provides JSON serialization and deserialization.
  • SwiftyJSON - Provides simple JSON parsing.
  • Starscream - provides websocket client capabilities.

Building the example app

  • Download and install Xcode
  • Install CocoaPods
    • Run sudo gem install cocoapods
  • Clone/download the CloverConnector SDK into a common folder with this example source. For example, your folder should now contain two sibling subfolders, one named remote-pay-ios and one named remote-pay-ios-examples
    • cd into <project root>/remote-pay-ios-examples/CloverConnector iOS Example
    • Run pod install
      • This should create a Pods directory populated with the Pods specified in the Podspec
      • It should also create a workspace file that includes the project, plus a pods project
    • Run pod install a second time
      • This should update the Pods directory with the installed Pods' dependencies
  • Open the CloverConnector.xcworkspace file
  • Change the Bundle identifier for the CloverConnector > CloverConnector_Example target
  • Change the signing Team for the CloverConnector > CloverConnector_Example target

Additional Resources


Copyright © 2019 Clover Network, Inc. All rights reserved.

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