An npm `scripts` boilerplate for modules intended for production.
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An npm scripts boilerplate for modules intended for production.


This project is no longer actively maintained, and has been replaced by the cf-package Cloverfield generator.



  • ES6 with Babel
  • Lint with ESLint
  • Tape tests with coverage report
  • Dependency security audits with nsp
  • Ensure dependencies are properly declared in package.json
  • Git precommit hook enforces quality checks on commit
  • Travis CI integration

Getting Started

Clone the repo

In a bash terminal:

git clone <your-new-repo-name>
cd <your-repo-name>
rm -rf <.git> # strip the boilerplate .git config
git init # create your own .git config
git add .
git commit -m 'Initial commit'

Customize package.json

Open up package.json. At minimum, you'll need to customize the name, description, & version fields.

Configure your CI build

This package comes with a .travis.yml file. You'll need to replace it with your own build config. If you want to continue using TravisCI and you don't see any problems with the config, replacing .travis.yml is optional. You still need to activate Travis CI for your repository.

Customize the file

Pop open Find this text:


And replace it with your info:


You'll probably also want to replace the content of "Getting Started" & "Features", and ensure that you're refering to the correct repository in the "Contributing" document.

Build your module

  1. For production
npm run build

It will run webpack once building full and minified versions of your library in ./build with sourcemaps.

  1. For development
npm start

This will run the webpack build in watch mode and will include ESLint checks on compile time.


Note minified version will not be built in dev mode.