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Dilithium Exchange Manager for Star Trek Online.
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Dilithium Exchange Manager

A manager for the Dilithium Exchange in Star Trek Online.


To use the program you can download or clone this repository and build it or you can download a prebuilt binary version from here.


If you downloaded a .ZIP file extract it and navigate to the executable .JAR file.

In Windows it is sufficient to just double click the .JAR file. You can also start the program by typing the following inside the folder with the .JAR file:

java -jar <filename>.jar

How to build

Maven is used to build the program from source code. Just execute the following Maven goal to build the binary version:

mvn jfx:jar

Bugs & Issues

If there are problems with this program or you find any bugs, then please feel free to create a new issue on the corresponding GitHub page.


Johannes Hillert (GitHub)


Copyright (c) 2018 Johannes Hillert. Licensed under the MIT license, see the included LICENSE file for details.

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