MyBay: An interactive map of my favorite places in the Bay Area
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Udacity FE Web Developer Project 5: Neighborhood Map

How to Use the Web App:

  • Open the MyBay App
  • By default, the map displays a list and markers of many of my personal favorite places in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Optionally click any filter categories to deselect/reselect categories to the search results
  • Optionally type any letters for a location in the search box to narrow results
  • Click a location in either the list or click a marker on the map for details on the location
  • My personal review appears in the map infowindow
  • Foursquare and/or Wikipedia information appears below the map for each location

Additional Features:

  • The location list, photos, and my review are all touch-scrollable on mobile devices or a mouse scrollwheel can be used
  • Phone number, website, photos, and a link back to the venue on Foursquare appear when data is available in Foursquare for the selected location
  • A snippet from Wikipedia appears with a link to the full article when a Wikipedia article is available for the selected location
  • Some locations have multiple categories and the app ensures that the location information is not repeated in these cases

Resources Used:

  • Udacity courses: Intro to AJAX, JavaScript Design Patterns
  • Udacity help resources
  • JavaScript Array.Push Performance (Scott Logic)
  • Stackoverflow: hundreds of articles and code snippets
  • Books: A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript, Effective JavaScript, Learning JavaScript, JavaScript: The Good Parts, JavaScript Pocket Reference
  • jQuery documentation
  • Bootstrap documentation
  • Knockoutjs documentation
  • Google Maps API documentation
  • Foursquare API documentation
  • Wikipedia API documentation
  • Codepen: responsive full screen navigation menu that slides from top using a toggle button

Known Bugs:

  • Wikipedia data randomly doesn't display sometimes (the data is coming across because it is console-logging). May be a Bootstrap issue.
  • Foursquare data is purposesly turned off for some locations even though the venue exists in Foursquare because Foursquare is unable to find using name and lat/lng.


  • Location contact information and photos courtesy Foursquare
  • Additional location courtesy Wikipedia
  • Map data courtesy Google Maps
  • Icons courtesy Pixabay under Creative Commonds Deed CC0 license (public domain) and modified by Shawn Clover
  • Tooltip "Pure CSS Tooltips" by greypants on