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This is a collection of dotfiles that should make your day to day work easier, if you see any errors or wish to contribute feel free to fork, open an issue or send a pull request.


  • git clone ~/.dotfiles
  • cd ~/.dotfiles
  • bundle install
  • rake

Your original dotfiles will be renamed to name.orig so no worries.


  • cd ~/.dotfiles
  • rake uninstall

Afterwards you can optionally rm -fr ~/.dotifiles if you wish, your name.orig files will be restored by having run rake uninstall.


gem install bundler

Your Bash config isn't enough for me

It is likely you have defined functions or aliases not contained in this config and you are worried to upgrade and lose them, in order to kep them and load them you only need to create a file named .bash_profile.before which will be loaded before our .bash_profile and a file named .bash_profile.after which will be loaded after.

Upgrade single bits

If you already have dotfiles installed (all symlinks have been created) you can upgrade small bits like this:

  • cd ~/.dotfiles
  • git pull
  • rake bash # bash being the bit you wish to upgrade

Commands that will make this enjoyable

OSX + macports

  • p5-app-ack
  • git-core
  • coreutils
  • vim
  • macvim
  • ruby
  • rb-rubygems
  • bash-completion
  • tmux

You can install each of this with a simple port install <package>.


If you install the pry gem the dotfiles config will give it access to the Rails stack so when in a rails project just run pry instead of rails c.

tmux bindings

For convenience we have changed the following to the tmux config:

  • To be consistent with screen (yeah I'm an old screen user) instead of binding the tmux prefix to C-b we prefix to C-a.
  • We binded | to split-window -v, it makes it more obvious you meant vertical split.
  • We binded - to split-window -h, it makes it more obvious you meant horizontal split.


These dotfiles are still in the works and are not perfect, feel free to advise, fork and send your pull requests.

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