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Spika Backend

Spika Backend is backend system for Spika Web/iOS/Android client. To setup this you need to have Linux based server with root permission.

Installing Spika Backend to Ubuntu 14.04

1. Setup environment

$ sudo apt-get update

$ sudo apt-get install git mongodb npm nodejs imagemagick

# It is only for Ubuntu 14.04
$ ln -s /usr/bin/nodejs /usr/bin/node

$ git clone https://github.com/cloverstudio/Spika.git

$ cd Spika/web

$ npm install 

$ npm install gulp -g

2. Edit src/server/init.js

Change following lines

Config.host = "localhost";
Config.port = 80; 
Config.urlPrefix = '/spika'; 
Config.socketNameSpace = '/spika';

Config.urlPrefix is that you can configure root URL for Spika. For example if you want run spika http://[ipaddress]/aaaa/bbbb/spika, it will be '/aaaa/bbbb/spika'.

Config.socketNameSpace is name space for web socket, in most case you need not change this.

3. Edit src/client/js/init.js

This is not necessary if you don't use web client. But I recommend you to setup web client to test configuration.

Config.apiBaseUrl = "http://localhost:8080/spika/v1";
Config.socketUrl = "http://localhost:8080/spika";

Config.apiBaseUrl should be host + urlPrefix + "v1" from server configuration.

Config.socketUrl should be same as host + socketNameSpace.

####4. Generate public files and start server.

# Generate files in public dir
$ gulp build-dist

# Start server in stand alone mode
$ node src/server/main.js

####5. Open standalone web client in browser http[s]://host:port/[urlPrefix]