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MyMoney is a rich client .NET 4.0 ClickOnce application for managing your personal finances. Once installed follow the simple Setup steps to get started.

Supports Banking, Credit Card, Investment and Assets accounts, with Auto Categorization, Statement Reconcilitation, and auto identification and merging of duplicate transactions. 

Save a lot of typing using Online Banking to download statements from your bank, using OFX over secure HTTPS. No middle man storage of your account information, MyMoney talks directory from your PC to your bank, which is just as secure as if you logged onto your Bank website and downloaded transactions yourself. For banks that don't support OFX, you can download Money or Quicken QFX files and import them.

Secure storage of your data in multiple formats, including encrypted Binary XML, SQL Lite, SQL Compact Edition, SQL Local DB, or SQL Server. Your data can also be exported in XML or CSV formats.   See Setup for details.

Instant  Charts and Reports show everything from current spending trends in your accounts, to pie charts showing spending by category, to bar charts showing historical spending by year or month, to portfolio charts showing your current holdings across stocks, mutual funds, and other investment categories.

Basic support for budgets so you can set monthly goals for each category, then it provides a budget balancing feature where you can manually transfer money between budget categories, essentially treating your categories like mini bank accounts. This provides a flexibility in budgeting that makes the system more realistic and less rigid and therefore more likely to be used long term.

Tax Categories can be assigned so that you can export your tax information to Turbo Tax. This includes a capital gains tax report for investments organized into short term and long term.   See Tax Report.

Bug free account reconciliation (balancing) process that guarantees that once a statement is reconciled it stays that way. MyMoney stops you from making silly mistakes that could destroy years of account balancing.

Quick Search gives you a powerful ability to find anything in many years of historical data almost instantly. For example, type "(costco or arco) and fuel" to find all transactions recording a fuel related purchase from either costco or arco.

Attachments can be associated with each transaction which is handy for tracking additional information that doesn't fit in the memo field. You can also use this to store a scanned copy of your store receipts so you can find your receipts quickly and easily.

Every numeric field in the application pops up a calculator so you can enter expressions to compute the value you want in that field. This saves you from having to switch between applications and makes entering data much more efficient.

Extensibility in the architecture so developers can easily add their own favorite features. For example, one developer added support for managing rental properties and loans while another added support for easily tracking sales tax.

Multiple currencies. When you setup an account you can specify the currency used by that account. This is handy if you have overseas accounts. It is then able to handle the fact that transfers between accounts with different currencies will not necessarily have the same amount on either side of those transfers.

Lastly, for additional eye candy, the application supports multiple UI themes, including a Visual Studio 2010 theme, a dark Metro theme and a silvery OSX theme.

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