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A PowerShell script to download all files, messages and user profiles that a user has access to in slack.
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A PowerShell script to extract all messages and files from a User's slack account. Or, optionally specify a limited number of channels to download from. Check out the Wiki for additional helpful information. My friend Tony and I also presented both the offensive and defensive sides to using this script at Wild West Hackin' Fest 2018 which can be viewed here.

From Windows command line enter powershell with scripts enabled:

powershell -exec bypass

Import the Module:

Import-Module .\SlackExtract.ps1

Read Usage Instructions:

Get-Help Invoke-SlackExtract -full

Required Parameters

  1. SlackUrl (e.g.
  2. OutputFolderName (e.g. my-extraction)
  3. dCookie (e.g. wvxP...8%3D)   OR   SlackToken (e.g. xoxs-12...65)

Example 1: Extract all files and messages

This will extract all messages and files from each channel the user has access to (up to the default limits). The default output location is Document/SlackExtract. A folder will be created for each Channel as shown here.

Providing the dCookie

Invoke-SlackExtract -OutputFolderName my-extraction -SlackUrl -dCookie wvxPLsXuW%2BUjT2b5RiCvb%2BUBPlJEX2XWbnVpOTlQZUN1TFF6dkxrNlZJbExYTzN6TmNtdFZNTDY0Y2pVQlF6UXlannhZMkprcHRueE12TVpXaXRvRWtQZGhidlhPdEh2d0J1a0I0UjcxMlRJV2JmTndDMlh1czNlUCt0SWIyczExb0z1ZCtxL3JJRW9tenJFRDhIdmp2MWVIQytLc3Q0RWZLSEFvdTQxUFE9PSy1X4xNmoY5wXzFlw2GJL8%3D

Providing the API Token

Invoke-SlackExtract -OutputFolderName my-extraction -SlackUrl -SlackToken xoxs-420083410720-421837374423-440811613314-977844f625b707d5b0b268206dbc92cbc85feef3e71b08e44815a8e6e7657190

How to Obtain the dCookie and/or the API Token

See the Authorization page on the wiki for details on obtaining the dCookie or the SlackToken.

Default Limits (each can be changed with optional parameters)

Limit Parameters Default Value
MaxMessagesPerChannel 10,000
MaxFilesPerChannel 2,000
MaxUsers 100,000
MaxAccessLogs* 1000,0000

* Accessible to Admins of Paid Workspaces Only

Example 2: Extract User Profiles

Extract the profile of each user, up to the 1000 users as specified by the MaxUsers parameter. The details of each user will be written as individual json files in the meta/Users directory. An all_users.csv file is also created for easy viewing and sorting of the data in Excel as shown here.

Invoke-SlackExtract -ExtractUsers -MaxUsers 1000 -OutputFolderName my-extraction -SlackUrl -SlackToken xoxs-420083410720-421837374423-440811613314-977844f625b707d5b0b268206dbc92cbc85feef3e71b08e44815a8e6e7657190

Example 3: Extract Data from Only Private Channels

Invoke-SlackExtract -PrivateOnly -OutputFolderName my-extraction -SlackUrl -SlackToken xoxs-420083410720-421837374423-440811613314-977844f625b707d5b0b268206dbc92cbc85feef3e71b08e44815a8e6e7657190

Example 4: Extract Data from Only Specific Channels

Provide a comma separated list of Channel IDs to extract data from. The channel ID can be seen in URL bar of a web browser when connected to a Slack workspace. You can also exclude specific Channels with the ExcludeChannelIds parameter.

Invoke-SlackExtract -ChannelIds DD0081E5C,CCC2FCAE4,GD00AAMFY -OutputFolderName my-extraction -SlackUrl -SlackToken xoxs-420083410720-421837374423-440811613314-977844f625b707d5b0b268206dbc92cbc85feef3e71b08e44815a8e6e7657190

Example 5: Extract Access Logs

Access logs contain the IP address and User Agent of each user as they connect to the Slack workspace as shown here. To extract access logs, the user must be an admin of a paid workspace.

Invoke-SlackExtract -ExtractAccessLogs -MaxAccessLogs 200 -OutputFolderName my-extraction -SlackUrl -SlackToken xoxs-420083410720-421837374423-440811613314-977844f625b707d5b0b268206dbc92cbc85feef3e71b08e44815a8e6e7657190

Searching Through the Extracted Data

The extracted data is written to files in UTF-16 format. This means that using grep to search through the data isn't going to work. Instead, you could use PowerShell to search through the extracted data. See the Analyzing Extracted Results wiki page for helpful hints on doing this with PowerShell.

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